Finished Quilting Projects

Thursday 27 February 2014

Better Late Then Never - 2014 Library Project List

I posted my 2014 Quilting List back in my Jan 19 post but I'll add some pictures in this more elaborate post :) I posted the first quilt that I'm making for the 2014 year. The Scrappy Logs quilt top is complete, and will hopefully be finished in the next few weeks.

The next quilt on my list is the Funfetti Quilt in McCalls America Makes Fast Quilts 2013. I picked out eight fat quarters from the So Happy Collection by Deena Rutter for this quilt. First time that I am working with fabrics from a collection. Normally I just mix and match my fabrics until I am happy with the result. Pictured is the magazine cover, pattern and the fabrics I'll be using :)

Next on my quilting list is a quilt for my Godson. I've bought the fabric since I asked him what he wanted on his quilt. My 4 year old Godson said sharks, fishes, boats, lobsters, and crabs. So I found some nautical themed fabric along with some shark material. Ironically, the first item sharks was the most difficult fabric to find. I'm still debating on the pattern that I'll be using for this one. I've seen a few ideas but haven't figured out one yet. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it :)

A quilt for my husband to be (by the time I make it, we'll most likely be married lol) which is Dressed to the Nines in Quilting Quickly. He wants the fabric to be reds, blacks and whites. I've started cutting up my 5" squares for this. I need 144 - 5" squares and since I'm cutting them up myself from different fabrics, it's taking me longer than if I just bought charm packs. I'm a fan of precuts but I couldn't do that for this project. I wanted it to be all fabrics that I or he picked out and cut them myself.

This is a small project but I would like to try to make some Wise Owl pincushions from Simple Quilts & Sewing. I put two on my list to make. They are quite cute and I would like to further my experience by making something different than quilts.

For some Christmas decor, I would like to make these Shabby Chic Stockings from Holiday Crafts 2012 from Better Homes and Garden magazine. I borrowed this pattern from my mom's collection of quilting/sewing books. I know it's not exactly a quilting magazine but it is a sewing project and I haven't attached any buttons or any other embellishments to my projects. So this would be a good learning experience and they would be beautiful at Christmas time :)

So next on the list was Mug Rugs. I ordered a book called Mug Rugs by Christa Rolf a few months back. I still haven't received it yet so I may have to switch that project for another depending on when I receive the book.

Next is making 4 Busy Blankees. I've finished one and have three more to go to complete this goal. This pattern was in Sew It Today February/March 2014.

Finally, the last project I have on my list is Whispering Lake quilt in Quilt It Today Jan/Feb 2014. I have quite a few Fat Quarters so I thought this would be a great project to use some of my stash of  Fat Quarters.

Well that's my list. Hopefully I'll be able to complete all these projects this year :)

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Scrappy Logs Quilt Top Complete

Well I decided to finish my quilt top tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to get the quilt sandwich together in the next few days. I bought the backing for it a week ago when I seen some really great fabric that I thought would go well with it. Here's a few pictures of the completed quilt top :)

Sorry for the dark lighting, I'll try to take a better picture with better lighting when it's complete :)

The Library Project

Well I've joined The Library Project courtesy of Chezzetcook Modern Quilts. The first project I started on my 2014 list is my Scrappy Logs Quilt from The Quilter magazine Scrap Quilt Favorites 2013. I changed some of the colours for the inner and outer border to better fit the person who is going to receive the quilt. I also added extra blocks. Instead of making the 16 blocks, I decided to make the quilt a little bit bigger so I made up 25 blocks.

Here is a picture of the quilt in the magazine. I will post a picture of my finished quilt top in the next few days.

This one has taken longer than I had hoped but I was away for a few weeks over the month so I'm hoping I can get it finished by the first week of March :)

Friday 14 February 2014

V-Day :)

Well I am finally getting back home tomorrow. I've been away since Sunday and I am definitely missing my family and home. I'm hoping to finish off my quilt top this weekend and buy some backing for it tomorrow. Then I'm hoping to get it ready to start quilting in a few days.

It's a busy weekend with driving home tomorrow and Valentine's evening festivities. I ordered a gourmet meal created by a local chef and it will be delivered to our door. I'm looking forward to a great meal at home with my better half :) His birthday is on Sunday as well so lots of festivities for my love :)

Thursday 6 February 2014

Scrappy Log Quilt

 I was able to quilt for a few hours earlier so I cut up my sashes and put my rows together. Here's the quilt layout. Sorry for the grainy quality.

After taking this, I had a helper give me his opinion :)

I love my helper :)

Monday 3 February 2014


Well I got through today. It was a very tiring day since I didn't sleep well last night. I did however have a chance to get some quilting done this evening. My 5 columns are finished on my Scrappy Log Quilt. Just need to add the sashing and the border and then the quilt top will be complete. I need to cut those pieces since I wasn't sure what exactly would be the length after putting my blocks in columns. I added an extra column and row of blocks to make this quilt larger than the original pattern. I'm hoping to be on my way to quilting this one by the weekend.

I also bought some fabric today. I'm really trying not to buy a lot but these were gorgeous red prints that would go perfect for my spouse's quilt. And it was only half a meter of two fabrics. And also whatever is left will be used for my 5 year future quilt Star Galaxy. I figure it'll be 5 years by the time I have all kinds of different red and cream prints that are cut into the pieces needed for that quilt.

Ah so many quilts to do....I think after this one, I will put the binding on my king size quilt that I had quilted and then start on my Funfetti quilt. This addiction feels like it will never end :)