Finished Quilting Projects

Sunday 13 November 2016

WIPs...and a new toy :)

I'm working my way through my WIP pile. Lately I've been working on these blocks for my Blueberry Ice Quilt.

I have 9 out of 16 complete. I'm piecing 10 and 11 at the moment. And I'm also in the process of making a baby girl quilt. It's a quick HST quilt. The squares were not perfect 5" squares as I figured the best thing to do is make them into HST units then trim them down. And it worked perfectly.

This is layout #1

Layout #2 :)

I decided to go with Layout #2.

I also added a border to make this quilt a little bit bigger. I barely have any batiks in my stash so I added a print as the border. It goes well with the pink batiks.

I started quilting this baby quilt on my new machine....

Yup! I took the plunge! My fabric/sewing savings account took a hit but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. This Platinum 16 is used (only way I could justify buying it!) and works like a dream. The original owner showed me a rundown of the machine. She was only trading this machine in since she purchased a longarm machine. Lucky me!

I only got to really play with it when I finished that quilt top on Friday. I had been away for work all week and purchased it last weekend. I am so in love! Here's the quilting I've done so far on the little baby quilt.

And some close-ups.

Flowers in the smaller diamonds.

Loop de loop quilting for the background. Back and forth lines for the large pink diamonds.

A peek at the backing.

A close-up of the middle.
I am still trying to get use to the tension. I think that will take some time to figure it out perfectly but I am happy with the first attempt. The only part I have left to quilt is the border. I can't decide what I want to do so I left it on the machine and started doing more Blueberry Ice blocks. This is also located in my large guest sewing space is expending to other parts of the house ;)

What's been happening in your sewing space lately? I would love to hear about it!