Finished Quilting Projects


Indigo Weave Quilt 2013

 Baby Patchwork Quilt 2013

Citrus Quilt 2013

Blankie 2013

Urban Windows Quilt 2014

Scrappy Log Quilt 2014

Knitting Needle Case 2014
Funfetti Quilt 2014

Monkey Quilt 2014

Dressed To The Nines Quilt 2014

Embroidered Sewing Organizer 2014

Embroidered Purse 2014

Embroidered Sewing Cases 2014

Owl Pincushion 2014

Whoo's Whoo? Quilt 2014

Charm Square Baby Quilt 2014

Whispering Love Quilt 2014

Travel Wallet 2014

Vroom Vroom Quilt 2014

Tahoe Tote 2014

Tweet Tweet Quilt 2014

Snowy Day Quilt 2014

Journal Cover 2014

Pocket Book Bed Runner 2015

Star Quilt

Zippered Pouch

Whatcha Got? Pouch

Life Aquatic Pillow Cover

Teal the Elephant Quilt

A Bunch of Crosses Pillow Cover

Scrap Buster Fall Pillow Cover

Check Please Pillow Cover

1,2,3 Baby Panel Quilt

1 Hour Basket


Monogrammed Pouch

Modern Lattice Baby Quilt

Riviera Handbag

Additions Baby Quilt

FMQ Swirl Bag

A Whole Lotta Plus Pillow Cover

Nighttime Blossoms Quilt

Triangle Baby Quilt

Snowtracks Quilt

You & Me Quilt

Feather Pillow Cover


  1. Love your Additions Baby Quilt! Simple but striking! Do you have a source?