Finished Quilting Projects

Friday 30 October 2015

Slow & Steady

Well I've been sick with a cold this week so I haven't been able to accomplish much on the sewing side of things. However I did manage to complete the quilting on my Mercury Block.

I decided to echo quilt the outer part of this paper pieced block. I'm loving how the quilting turned out. 
Still have some threads to bury. Just ignore those :)

And a picture showing all the quilting. 

So excited to get this one finished!

Saturday 24 October 2015

Too Many...

Ever have that feeling where you feel like you're sewing a lot but not having anything to show for it? I'm in that mode right now. I've been jumping between so many projects that I've been feeling like I haven't been doing much sewing at all. I did make the next three blocks for my block exchange with my sister. I can't share those yet though. But here is something that I can share....

I decided to turn my first paper pieced block into a pillow cover. I purchased more of the Northcott solid to add a border to make this pillow cover for a 20" pillow form. 

So then came the part of figuring out how to quilt it....

I flipped through my copy of Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters and decided to try out some pebbles. I decided that I would put pebbles in the background around the star.

I practiced on paper first.

And then on some fabric.

Then I started on my pillow cover. I was completely terrified. I put on Matchbox Twenty and started making pebbles....

It's far from perfect but the overall effect is grand :)

Here's a picture of the back which will not be visible when the pillow cover is complete.

I am pretty happy with this, even with all the mistakes ;)

Sunday 18 October 2015

Sunday Stash - Relationship Blooming :)

I have a small Sunday Stash post to share today. I received the Paper Pieced Modern book by Amy Garro that I ordered last week. It was a bit late since it was sent to the wrong town :( I could not hide my disappointment when I seen it on the tracking shipment information. But I was so happy when I saw it in my mailbox on Friday :)

I also picked up some Grey Dot fabric and some Striped orange fabric :) Sorry dear readers, I don't have any info on the fabrics.

I am very excited about the quilts in this book. I've recently started a very happy relationship with Foundation Paper Piecing. You can see my first block on this post, I'm Crazy bout A Mercury. 

Go check it out! Looks like Molli had a similar shopping vacation like mine back in August :) 
Fabricolics Unite!

Saturday 17 October 2015

Geese are A-Flying!

Well I've been busy cutting and piecing for a Stash Star quilt. I pre-washed all the Fat Quarters and background fabric.....I know what you're thinking....I never pre-wash.....ever! This is my first time. Let's call it an experiment....

Lots and lots of chain piecing and trimming today.

Check out the stack of Flying Geese Blocks

If I can finish these Star blocks today, that will be half of the blocks needed for this quilt...ah.

After these star blocks are done, I'm going to have to take a break and do something else....I'm losing the motivation for making this quilt (sigh). 

How do you get out of a quilty rut?

Tuesday 13 October 2015

I'm crazy bout a Mercury....

Oh Alan Jackson has definitely went through my mind more than a couple of times when I started making the Mercury block. Such a catchy song! I finished up the last four pieces that I needed to do while humming to myself.....

And here it is!

I'm happy to say I'm all finished :)

My seams aren't perfect but I do love the effect.....I believe this is the start of a beautiful relationship!

Now to figure out what I will do with this block.....suggestions?

Sunday 11 October 2015

1st Attempt at Paper Piecing.....

Well I decided to try Paper Piecing this weekend. This is something that I've never done and never seen anyone do. I missed a workshop back in June that a MMQG member was teaching due to circumstances beyond my control. I was looking online for some inspiration and came across the "Mercury" block by Julie Hirt.

When I first seen the picture, I didn't realize it was paper pieced. Then I browsed more on Julie Hirt's Six Two Seven Handworks website and located this Paper Piecing Tutorial she wrote for Online Quilt

After reading the tutorial, I printed off the Mercury templates and started putting together the block.

So this is before I trimmed the block. To be noted, her tutorial is wonderful. I really had an easy and fun time making this block. Here's a picture of the back.

And then after the trimming....

So after this one turning out alright, I made three more...

So I'm half way finished for the block. I am totally in love with paper piecing! I will definitely be doing more of this. I also ordered Paper Pieced Modern by Amy Garro this morning. I've been in love with that cover quilt forever. And now that I realize how easy Paper Piecing is, I'm going to definitely be making that cover quilt.

Well I'm off to finish the rest of this block :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday 9 October 2015

Mystery Block #11

I dug out my second last Mystery Block package to do this week. I've been working on some secret projects lately so I wanted to do something that I could share. I also realize I am a bit out of practice for reading the directions properly.....

I made four of these lovely Flying Geese blocks....turn the page in the pattern to realize that I needed two like the ones on my iPad and two more with the navy blue triangles reversed.....At that point, I turned off my light, sewing machine and went to bed.

The next day, I was lucky enough that I could seam rip those triangles and swap them. Saved me from having to do those Flying Geese pieces again. This block came together so quickly after that, that I only managed to remember to take a picture when it was finished. So here it is :)

"Sister Mary" is this block's name. Designed by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson of Me and My Sister Designs.

Only 1 Block left to go!

Monday 5 October 2015

Sunday Stash....

Well I have a few more fabrics to add to my busting at the seams stash! I know I shouldn't have gotten any fabrics but I couldn't help myself....first off, I discovered a new online Canadian fabric store. Have to support local! I received these pretties from For the Love of Fabric.

Check out Robert Kaufman's Valori Wells print.

"Adventure" in the Ashton Road Collection. Love those bicycles!

Then I dropped this Alison Glass Sun Print Fat Quarter in my cart. Love this Ink Denim Blue!

This is just one of the Downton Abbey fabrics that I just couldn't resist! I'm not sure what I'll make with these but they will be added to "my precious" stash.

And I couldn't resist this compass print.....I am a sucker for nautical items that remind me of my work and the sea.

Compass from the World Maps collection by Sue Schlabach.

Then I had a chance to stop by a not-so-local quilt shop on Friday. And I ended up with a few more additions to my stash....

Moda's Crackle in Gray by Kathy Schmitz and Teal Henna Pop by Beth Studley for Makower UK.

Then I picked up this curated bundle for the Quilt Shop's FQ challenge.

Not sure what I'm going to make with it yet. The challenge is open until Dec 1. So I'll have to see if I can come up with something or I'll just have more FQs to add to my pile :)

Hope you enjoyed my post for Sunday Stash. Linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash #146!

Saturday 3 October 2015

Throwback Thursday Vol.3

The quilt I'm going to share for Throwback Thursday Vol.3 is my Whispering Love quilt.

This quilt was made for a very special woman who was battling Ovarian Cancer. I made this for her hoping it would provide her a bit of comfort during the chemo treatments and her surgery. I'm happy to say that she is doing well now :) And still loving the quilt :)

This quilt was a labour of love and what I feel as one of the prettiest quilts I have ever made.

The fabrics all have their unique beauty just like her :)