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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Alice's Quilt and Saturday Stash

I finished Alice's Quilt last weekend but I couldn't get any outdoor pictures all week. It's been sort of crummy for the weather. And it's so dark so early now. But on Saturday morning, the sun was shining so I was able to take some pictures of Alice's Quilt.

After a few suggestions, I decided to bind the quilt in the brown. I think it frames the quilt nicely. I'm hoping the little girl who will be receiving this, will get to enjoy this quilt for many years to come.

I was able to do some shopping this weekend too. After getting some Christmas shopping done, I decided to head to a few quilt shops that are further away from my house. I picked up a few Christmas gifts for me :)

 I've never used plush fabric before so I decided to pick up 1/2 m of this light blue one. And those cute snowflake buttons were irresistible!
And so I picked up some green plush fabric at another store, along with a few other fabrics :) I picked up some cute quilt labels. I ordered some but they won't be in until after Christmas. So I picked up these cute labels.

I'm not sure how much quilting I'll have a chance to do during the holidays but hopefully a little bit :)

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  1. Great finish on Alice's quilt. I like the brown binding. Good call.