Finished Quilting Projects

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Funfetti Quilt

Well I'm a little behind where I'd like to be. I caught the flu and was sick from Saturday until yesterday. So after taking a trip to Emergency, sleep, meds, and more sleep, I'm finally feeling semi-recovered. So today I decided to layout my quilt top. Here it is :)

So hopefully I'll get some of the rows together today. I'm still quite a bit on the weak and tired side so it's a bit of a slow process. But I hope to have the quilt top finished by the end of the week.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Final 31 Blocks Complete :)

Well I was able to complete the final 31 blocks this evening. Yay :) So excited that these are done. I'll work on the layout tomorrow to see what I feel is best. Then I'll need to take a trip to the fabric store to see what fabric I want for the backing.

Here's a close-up of these blocks.

This printed fabric is definitely one of my favorites for this collection. I will definitely buy more of this fabric if I can find it again.

I also went to a Notions Event hosted by Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff today and a local fabric store. It was just a demo and presentation of new products and old products. I really had a great time and you got a little goodie bag from it. I have a brand new embroidery machine by Husqvarna and I've been so tempted to start getting into it. But first off the wedding took priority to me throwing myself into that world and now this Funfetti quilt. I would like to at least have the quilt top done before I start playing with my new machine. I may decide to quilt Funfetti on it rather than my old machine. Time will tell :)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Funfetti Quilt Progress

Well my hubby and I's honeymoon trip was cancelled due to illness (caught a flu bug) so we have been relaxing and recovering at home. So I have been making some headway on my Funfetti quilt. I have exactly half of the blocks complete.

And here's a close-up of one.

I am quite happy so far with the result. I'm trying to at least finish the quilt top before I get into using my new embroidery machine. I am however going to an event tomorrow that showcases what my machine can do. I'm excited about going. I know myself too well which is why I've been trying to complete this quilt before I throw myself into the embroidery world. I don't want to push this quilt aside and take longer to finish it because I'm too absorbed with the embroidery machine.

So I'm hoping to complete the other 31 blocks tomorrow. There isn't as much sewing as these blocks so hopefully I'll have all the blocks finished by tomorrow night. Then it's off to design the layout :)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

April TLP Report

Well since my last link up in March for The Library Project, I'm happy to say Scrappy Logs is complete and gone to keep warm it's new owner. Here's a picture of the completed quilt.

More pictures can be seen under my post titled Scrappy Logs Complete.

Another small project that I did in between was a Knitting Needle Case for my sister. This was a good learning project for me since I've only made quilts up til then. Here's a picture of the completed Knitting Needle Case all rolled up.

And here's another one of it semi opened.

Other progress I've made is that I have all my pieces cut up for my Funfetti Quilt which was next on
my Library Project List. I just LOVE this collection! I may try to find more of it next time I go to the store that I was able to pick it up from. So happy with all the fabrics!

I sewed some of the pieces together and will hopefully have the quilt finished in early May. I won't be posting anything for the next week and a half since I'm getting married today :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Linked up with Chezzetcook Modern Quilts Blog. Check out the blog if you have a chance :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Funfetti Quilt Progress

I've finished cutting my pieces for my Funfetti Quilt top which was next on my Library Project List. Feeling quite good about getting these pieces ready. And I just love this collection! I have 10 more Fat Quarters of this collection so I'll be able to use the collection in another quilt. There's also some scraps left so I'll have to find something to use them up for. Here are all the pieces laid out. I wanted to show all the fabrics that I am using for the quilt so the 5" x 8" rectangles are separated so each of the fabrics can be drooled over. Did I mention that I love this collection :)

I also started organizing my sewing area so it's not incredibly "cozy" and messy. There's still some work to do but it's definitely looking like progress!

My sister loved her Knitting Needle Case. So happy that she liked it!

Well time for me to go relax and get some zzzzz. Only 9 sleeps til my wedding! 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Crossed the Finish Line Just in Time

Well here it is. It's all done. I finished it all up this evening just in time to meet up with my sister tomorrow. We're meeting up to spend the weekend hanging out so I'm so happy that I got it finished before then. So here is the finish product :)

So I'm definitely happy with the final product. And I learned lots which is always a good thing. I'll be away this weekend but then I'll be working on cutting up the rest of my fabric for the Funfetti Quilt. And of course my wedding is fast approaching so I'll have to spend a little time on the last minute planning. Quilting helps to calm my nerves though :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Close to the Finish Line

So after reading instructions multiple times, I can finally see the finish line for my knitting needle case. Just have a few extra details to do which hopefully I'll be able to finish up tomorrow after work or Friday. So here's some pictures of the "almost complete" knitting needle case.

So far it is turning out well. It's all new for me since I've only done quilts up til now. There's still the slip stitch to close up on the opening and then I'll press it again. Then stitch all the way around and add the buttons for the loops. Then it will be complete to give away to my sister. So lots of learning was done and more to come with this project :)