Finished Quilting Projects

Sunday, 31 May 2015

End of May Stash

Wow! The month of May slipped away from me. I want summer to be here but I also enjoy spring :) All my tulips are in full happy the previous homeowner was a gardener. I get to enjoy all the beautiful flowers that she planted. So on to what makes my heart sing :)

I made a few fabric purchases in the last couple of's what I received from Westwood Acres when they had their clearance sale....

4 Charm Packs of Paradiso....I just love this collection. These will be only used for my personal usage ;)

Butterfly Dance Bundle from Riley Blake's Natalie Lymer. This wonderful bundle was on clearance so I had no excuse not purchase it :) Just too sweet. And I can't pass up butterfly prints!

Then there were those squishy packages that arrived a few weeks back now...

Remember this picture...

One package was the Bargain Lovers Club from Sew Sisters.

I was a bit disappointed when I opened these. There was absolutely no excitement at all. I love Sew Sisters and I have been a member of their club for years now, but these were boring. I will use them and I have already pulled one for the baby quilt I'm making, but I usually want my Fat Quarters each month to be exciting. Even though I don't love every package I've received, I at least get excited about the colours and the prints. These were insanely dull. I'm hoping next month brings me more excitement!

The second package was from Hamels Fabrics. They were having a clearance sale too. Spring cleaning happens in the fabric world apparently! So I ordered a bunch but they ran out of some of the fabrics that I ordered. But I did manage to get these beauties :)

From left to right is Chambry Rose in gray, Willow and Safari Playground Jungle Alphabet in gray. I had ordered other prints in the Safari Playground collection but they had run out. Not sure what I'll do with the fabrics yet but I added them to my stash ;)

I'm currently planning a trip to Portland for next month on the Nova Star ferry. I'm sure I'll have another stash post in the near future. The addiction continues....

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Prize Pack Delivery

A few weeks back, my guild MMQG hosted a blog hop. It was all about getting to know some of the Maritime Modern Quilters out there and of course there were giveaways :) I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Jeanette @ Stamp Stitch Create. And you wouldn't believe my incredible surprise when I opened up the package from Jeanette....

The two loveable Fat Quarters for her giveaway and Jeanette added a I <3 Maritime Modern Quilt Guild magnet. I was so excited to get the magnet! I've always collected magnets from the places I've traveled to but this one is extra special. Since it's my guild and my quilting family! Now I need to find the perfect place to showcase it :)

Thanks, Jeanette :)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wishing for 3 Day weekends....

There are not enough hours in a weekend to do everything that I need and want to do. I had so many plans Friday afternoon for projects I wanted to sew. The Positively Simple quilt top was something I wanted to finish this weekend. I've decided to omit the outer border since the quilt top is quite large now. I was planning on making one pillow cover for my 26" pillow.....I never had a chance to get to that. I also had a plan to baste a baby panel together....that also didn't happen. There are some days I wish I lived in an apartment again where there wasn't so much housework and no yard work. But then I wouldn't be able to fit my stash in a two bedroom apartment :)

So I did try something new this weekend. I cut my sashing strips on the length of my Kona Aqua for the Positively Simple quilt. I've never done that before. I usually just piece together the longer strips. I'm always worried that I would end up with skewed strips but it worked out quite well.

I had bought a good amount of extra Kona Aqua in case of cutting mistakes so I decided to try it. I was pretty happy with the result. Only one cutting mistake...

I also received a couple of squishy packages last week. I'm really going to miss door to door postal service when they implement one of those Postal Superboxes. Gives me that extra push to get home quickly when I see my mailbox overflowing with squishy packages when I'm walking up my street :) I'll post those purchases on a Stash Sunday post. Stay tuned :)

I also pulled some fabric from my stash and purchased a meter or two to go with this bundle of fabrics. I'm going to make a gender neutral baby quilt for a co-worker, who's wife is expecting late this summer. I went with just green and grey fabrics. What do you think? Should I add another colour or omit any of the fabrics in the pile?

This is their first child and I know the nursery is painted grey but they don't have anything else picked out yet. So I thought going with the green/grey palette would be good. I like yellow/grey too but I have a very limited stash of yellow I've noticed. I've been purchasing some new fabric here and there but I'm trying to get this quilt done with fabrics from my stash.

I'm still debating on what pattern to use. I'm leaning more towards using Lorna McMahon's Modern Lattice pattern because I figured I could cut out enough 5" x 10" pieces out of these fabrics to have enough to make a second baby quilt to have on hand for another gift. Then another pattern that I seen was LeAnne Ballard's Baby Showers pattern. I know I will make this pattern someday because I find it so sweet. I'm just thinking Lorna's pattern will be quicker and possibly allow me to cut up enough pieces to make two baby quilts. There are just too many gorgeous patterns out there!

So lots and lots of projects on the go. My head is definitely spinning!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Long Weekend Stash Day

I just returned from Cape Breton and what a beauty of a visit it was. I love getting home to visit my family. I don't have the opportunity to see them very often given the distance. I also did a bit of fabric shopping along the way ;)

At the first stop, I picked up a meter of Riley Blake designer Marin Sutton's Good Natured - Dandelion in Gray. It was a bit more than what I usually spend on an impulse purchase but I loved it! Then I picked up a Robert Kaufman Urban Zoology Minis Birds Fat Quarter. This print was too cute to pass up. I also picked up some of those bobbin spool keepers.

The second stop was a bit more "productive"....

From the top is Illustrations by P&B Textiles, Tiana by Hoffman California International Fabrics, Family Tree in Nature Blue by Moda's Deb Strain, not sure on the print with the blue presents, oh deer! leaf by MoMo for Moda and Wallflowers by Allison Harris. Allison's blog Cluck Cluck Sew is where I found the pattern for the Scrap Pillow. Very talented quilter!

So I didn't get any sewing done on the long weekend but I did get some fabric shopping in :) I have tomorrow off so I see some sewing in my future :)

Hope you all had a great long weekend! Drop me a comment, I would love to hear about it :)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Pillow Love

My pillow cover is done! And I love it! I picked out the backing last night. I went with this print for the backing.

It's called Poppy Love by Ro Gregg for Northcott. I found this was the perfect backing for the Scrap Buster Pillow Cover. 

I love Envelope backings. They are so quick and easy. I do really need to learn how to make other types of pillow backings to add to my skills inventory. But it's just so quick!

And here it is!

My first picture was photobombed by my cat Ginger. I took a few more while entertaining her away from the pillow :)

The envelope backing.

I have a few leaves left so I may make another one in the near future to use up those leaves that are already cut. It is such an adorable pillow and would look great on my guest room bed. Or maybe I'll finally make pillow covers for the 27" pillows I bought a couple of months back for our futon in my sewing/hubby's entertainment space. Hmmmm I'll have to see what I can come up with.....

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pillow Fun

My guild is participating in a swap in the near future. The members who are participating are to make a 16" Square pillow cover. I decided to start mine yesterday after I finished up the quilt top for Dressed to the Nines. Yup that baby is done. Well the top is done but it still feels like a relief!

I had bookmarked the Scrap Buster Fall Pillow tutorial over at Cluck Cluck Sew a long time ago because I knew I always wanted to make this pillow cover. I fell in love with it and I know I'll definitely be making a few more pillow covers from this pattern.

So I started off by going through my baskets of green and blue scraps. I ironed my smaller scraps and then placed them on WonderUnder. I cut out many leaves....

Then I cut out pillow top and played around with the layout of the leaves.

Then I spent the next 30 mins peeling off the paper backings on all the leaves. Then set up the layout again and ironed them all on.

And then I sewed a Zig Zag stitch around all the leaves. "Jumping" from leaf to leaf.

This was a really easy project. And quick too. This would definitely be a good day project or weekend project. I know I'll be using my scraps for another one of these pillows. I still have leaves leftover from this one :)

 Love this pillow cover! Not sure what I'll use for the envelope backing yet. I'll be going through my stash to see what will fit.

This weekend was a very productive sewing weekend. I hope you all had a chance to get some sewing time in!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there :)

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Friday Night Sewing

Lots of sewing going on over here at Jada's Quilting Adventures. Last night I was working on my Positively Simple quilt. Lots of piecing but it is coming along nicely.

More piecing...

But the final product of all that piecing are these beautiful blocks :)

This quilt is coming along! I've also been working on the Dressed to the Nines quilt top. I'm in the process of adding the inner border now. Working on a few different projects is leaving my sewing space a bit disorganized. I'm having to move one project aside to make room for the other one but I want to be working on these two projects so I can get them finished!

My bloggy friend and MMQG member Jenn @ Quarter Inch from the Edge picked up some gorgeous fabric for me. I fell in love with the fabrics when I seen it on her post :)

The collection is from Lewis & Irene's Make A Wish collection. Starting on the left is Wishes in the Breeze on Lilac, Fairy on Duck Egg, and Hedgerow Flowers on Earth. When I called this LQS, they didn't have Fairy on Duck Egg so it was a great surprise to open the package and see that this fabric was in there!

Honestly, I didn't need these fabrics but I'm happy that Jenn could pick some up for me! And put them in the mail with a sweet note :) Thanks, Jenn :) I love receiving those squishy packages in the mail. And they are even better when they come from a friend ;)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mystery Quilt Block #7

Well I finished piecing the center of the Dressed to the Nines Quilt top. I ironed it all out and then I put it aside for the week.

And started cutting out my pieces for Block #7 of the FQS Mystery Quilt. I am a bit behind in this project. I received Block #11 in the mail about a few weeks back. So I decided, I need to concentrate on getting a few more of these blocks done. So here is #7....

I really love doing these. And I've been finding that I have little time to get any quilting done during the week lately. I've also been concentrating on getting my house organized....I know I may be crazy lol. So that will be a work in progress for at least 6 months :) But I know it will feel so much better once that is done. And I'm sure my sewing room will take over 2 months to organize....only because I know I will stop to admire beautiful fabric and sew a bit in between organizing :)

I also received this gorgeous numbered pins from Mad About Patchwork.

These beauties were only $28! And of course the shipping was only $5.95! Love Mad About Patchwork!

So I guess I'll have to put these pins to work soon....lots of quilts coming in the near future :)