Finished Quilting Projects

Monday, 22 February 2016

Quilting Away...

I managed to get my Mystery quilt top prepped for quilting last week. I decided to do some really dense organic wavy lines using my walking foot.

Then I decided after doing the 10th line or so which was only a couple of inches on the quilt top, that I wanted to practice some FMQ. I had decided that I am going to keep this quilt for me after I created the pieced back. So I thought why not try some FMQ on this quilt. I decided to go with Woodgrain for the FMQ.

You can see one knot clearly on the back in this picture. There are a few wavy lines at the top made with the walking foot. And then towards the bottom is the FMQ part.

I'm really enjoying this FMQ motif. I also am doing this top to bottom rather than side to side. All the lessons that I've watched from Elizabeth Dackson and read in Angela Walters Free Motion Quilting book states to go side to side. For me, I found it way easier to go top to bottom. It felt so natural to me compared to side to side. I just couldn't adjust to doing it side to side. So I decided to do whatever works for me and this seems to be working! I'm pretty happy with the result. I'm about 1/6 of the way finished on the quilting. I fear that I will run out of thread first before I finish the quilt. I am using Aurifil 2610 Grey-Blue thread and I am hoping that I will not run out before I receive a new spool from Sew Sisters.

So it has been quiet on the blog lately but I have been sewing! I'm hoping for more sewing time in the next week while I enjoy a bit of vacation time :)

How was your weekend? Have you manage to get any sewing time in?

Monday, 15 February 2016

Yellow Jack Flag

I feel as if I should have a Yellow Jack Flag on the door into our home. Both me and my husband have been sick for the entire weekend! So not much in the form of sewing for me this weekend. I played a little bit Friday evening with my Christmas gift from my hubby.....

The Brother Scan N Cut! 

I had been looking at this for well over a year. And I was completely blown away when he bought this for me for Christmas! I had kept it in the packaging for a while so I could finish some other projects before diving into this.

So that small green "a" was attempt #1. It was suppose to be the whole word "Faith" but only the "a" came out well. The complete word was attempt #2. My confidence was growing :)

This was attempt #3. Also the most crucial because I had a very small amount of this much needed fabric. The fabric is for a Relay for Life Quilt Block for my guild in Digby, Fundy Tide Quilters Guild. I snapped this picture right before scrapping the letters off the sticky mat. Some time, I'll try to take pictures of the whole process.

Then the real sickness came where I spent two days in bed. Swallowing pills like candy and sleeping the days away. I spent a couple of minutes in my sewing room yesterday just arranging what I wanted the block to look like. 

I used some leftover appliquée flowers that I had from a previous project, the Tweet Tweet Quilt

Here's the final product :)

I also picked out the fabrics for the backing for my Mystery Quilt! I decided that I'm going to do a pieced backing. I'm trying to use my stash instead of purchasing backing. Hopefully it'll go smoothly. I have a design in mind for the back of the quilt.

The backing will be made up of these four fabrics hopefully. I'll be trying to piece a 80" square backing piece since the quilt top is 72-1/2" square. That gives me almost 4" on each side. This is what I want to be my focus fabric for the back.

I just love this fabric. I picked it up in Maine and wanted to use it for a special purpose. I only have 1/2 yard but lucky for me, the words will read selvedge to selvedge :)

This about sums up my weekend. And to think if I hadn't been so sick, I probably could have gotten so much more accomplished! I'll have to take a staycation sometime in the near future! 

Hope you all had a better weekend than me!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Mosaic Tile Blocks Finished!

What a busy weekend! Not as busy as I would have liked it to be in my sewing space but I did manage to get some items checked off my list :)

25 Mosaic Tile Blocks....Ah....incredibly happy to have these finished. I was starting to get bored with piecing the same block! There are 12 made by Jillian @ Jill's Quilting and Appliqué and 13 made by me :)

There's still a bit more work to do for this quilt. Progress on this project will be put on hold for a few weeks while I get ready to quilt my Midnight Mystery Quilt.

I picked up some batting and thread for this bad boy. I was hoping to have a pieced backing done for this one before the end of the weekend....that didn't happen....maybe next weekend!

So how was your weekend? Did you make it to your sewing space?

Friday, 5 February 2016

Progress on Goal #5 Mosaic Tiles Quilt

I've been spending as much time as I can in my sewing room. Some days are quite productive while other days are closer to chaos. I've finished sewing all my squares for the Mosaic Tiles quilt.

Now I need to sort the blocks in piles and then slice them in quarters. Then make a 9 patch block. I'll be excited to have all the blocks for this one finished. It was started back in Sept and it's time to finish the quilt top.

Of course, I've decided that I need to change projects I'm going in search of batting and backing tomorrow for my Midnight Mystery Quilt Top.

I'm thinking about doing some FMQ loops on this one. I'm not sure where this quilt will end up. I may keep it since I don't have many of my quilts that I've made. Time will tell....

I also finished this quilt last weekend.

I can only post a small portion of this one at this time :) 

Things are moving along in a positive to finish a few more quilts!