Finished Quilting Projects

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Pocket Book Bed Runner Complete :)

Ah I just love a finish :) I'm really happy that this one is complete since I want to deliver it to the recipient in the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping the little boy will love it.

Hubby holding it up so I could take a picture. And Monty loves taking my spot on the futon :)

A close-up of the pockets with my magazine which I just recently found out that there will be no more of these magazines published. So sad those were some of my fav magazines :(

I love the light/med green and grey/black polka dot backing. It is just so gorgeous!

My first quilting label from Ikaprint. I absolutely love these! It is such a great way to label a quilt. Quick and easy. And it looks so professional :) The minimum quantity is 100 labels so I think I will have enough for a while.

I also received my order from Fabric Spot this week :)

I purchased a meter of Bluebird Park Lamp Post in Stone and 3/4 of a meter in Precious Text in Grey. I've had my eye on Bluebird Park Lamp Post forever but never purchased any. So I finally decided to pick some up :)

I'll be living out of a hotel for the next couple of weeks so I arranged to stay at an Inn who doesn't mind me using my sewing machine. So I'm going to take a few projects and my sewing machine along with me :) Excited to be doing some sewing while I'm may also curb my shopping habit since I tend to shop more when I'm away from home for work. Of course, I do have a $50 Fabricville gift card so I will be making a visit to that store :)

Hope you're having a great quilting weekend!



  1. Julia, your pocket book bed runner turned out quite lovely .... I do like those colours and it's a novel idea. Your two new fabrics are very nice. I'm trying to use from my stash and that's sometimes a challenge especially when I see lovely fabrics like your new ones. BTW, your labels look really good. Enjoy your trip. ^^

  2. Love the bed runner. Glad you liked your labels. What size did you go with? Happy sewing while on the road.