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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Stash - Relationship Blooming :)

I have a small Sunday Stash post to share today. I received the Paper Pieced Modern book by Amy Garro that I ordered last week. It was a bit late since it was sent to the wrong town :( I could not hide my disappointment when I seen it on the tracking shipment information. But I was so happy when I saw it in my mailbox on Friday :)

I also picked up some Grey Dot fabric and some Striped orange fabric :) Sorry dear readers, I don't have any info on the fabrics.

I am very excited about the quilts in this book. I've recently started a very happy relationship with Foundation Paper Piecing. You can see my first block on this post, I'm Crazy bout A Mercury. 

Go check it out! Looks like Molli had a similar shopping vacation like mine back in August :) 
Fabricolics Unite!


  1. It's a great book! I met Amy at QuiltCon and picked one up....not for me, tho, as a gift. I'm looking forward to seeing which pattern you choose first!

  2. Oooh. I do want to get my hands on that book! Enjoy!