Finished Quilting Projects

Friday, 5 February 2016

Progress on Goal #5 Mosaic Tiles Quilt

I've been spending as much time as I can in my sewing room. Some days are quite productive while other days are closer to chaos. I've finished sewing all my squares for the Mosaic Tiles quilt.

Now I need to sort the blocks in piles and then slice them in quarters. Then make a 9 patch block. I'll be excited to have all the blocks for this one finished. It was started back in Sept and it's time to finish the quilt top.

Of course, I've decided that I need to change projects I'm going in search of batting and backing tomorrow for my Midnight Mystery Quilt Top.

I'm thinking about doing some FMQ loops on this one. I'm not sure where this quilt will end up. I may keep it since I don't have many of my quilts that I've made. Time will tell....

I also finished this quilt last weekend.

I can only post a small portion of this one at this time :) 

Things are moving along in a positive to finish a few more quilts!


  1. Jada, I've made my fair share of mosaics in glass, and I love the idea of a nine-patch mosaic tile quilt. I may have to make my own someday. I looked through your archives and found where you posted pics of three of blocks sewn, and they look great. Can't wait to see your finished quilt! Take care, Mary.

  2. You have been productive. Can't wait to see the mosaic tiles.