Finished Quilting Projects

Thursday 16 June 2016

Rashida Coleman-Hale, Carolyn Friedlander, and Elizabeth Hartman

Second day of workshops started off with Rashida's Airplane row....I'll admit this was a scary one for me. The paper piecing didn't bother me but the curved nose of the airplane! I really didn't get far with this block but I will finish my plane eventually...

I was socializing a bit and doing some lazy sewing it seems :) 

Next class was Carolyn Friedlander's row. This was all paper piecing again. I do love her row. I hadn't picked out fabrics for this row. I decided to sort of wing's what I came up with so far.

I was leaning towards the sun setting but now I'm not sure. Either way there's no turning back....I'll make it work!

Last but not least was Elizabeth Hartman's rows. So many little pieces but oh so fun. I did finish a few houses for this row.

Don't you just love how this block looks?! I'm not a big fan of orange but I did use a lot of it this weekend.

I also had a 10 minute spree in the pop up show before it closed Saturday night......

8 yard cuts of some pretty fabrics....ah :)

And then all good things must come to an end :( 

I had a great time with Anja@Anja Quilts, Jenn@Quarter Inch from the Edge and another MMQG member Dena. Click on the links above to see their post on Glamp Stitchalot :)

I am still a bit exhausted from this adventure....I would love to go to the one in November.....I guess we will see ;) If you have the opportunity to go, GO!!! You won't regret it!


  1. I didn't realize you had snagged 8 yard cuts! You fabric addict, you! I'm turning back on my CF block. Ugh. Gotta rethink that one!

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful time! Jenn has you pegged! You ARE a fabric addict! Isn't it fun? XO

  3. All that orange is Anja's influence, lol. All that fabric was hard to resist. I could buy another suitcase full in a few minutes. So much fun!!!