Finished Quilting Projects

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Monkey Quilt Complete :)

So it has been a long week so far at work and working overtime takes up my quilting time. So I've been slowly getting my binding put together. Cutting the pieces, picking up thread one day and pinning the binding another day. So finally tonight after a long day, I mustered up the energy to stitch the binding. There's a few mistakes but what quilt is perfect :) I do wish they had not appeared on the binding though!

I couldn't get any outside pictures since the sun was fading by the time I finished. I'll try on the next beautiful day to take some pictures outside.

 My wonderful husband holding the quilt up around the fireplace so I could try to get some better light.

Close-up of the binding. 

Overall, I'm incredibly happy with this quilt. My hubby says this one is the best that I've made so far. I think it's the monkeys that attract his attention lol. It definitely is a great quilt and I'm surprised at how quickly it came together. I realized that I started this quilt on May 22 and it's complete tonight. So it took me two weeks from start to finish.

I know I'll be making this quilt again :)

Happy Hump Day! Only 2 days til the weekend!


  1. Such a cute quilt! plus I love that the colours are not too baby-ish...

    1. Thank you :) The only print that was baby-ish was for the backing. I wanted to make something that he could drag around the house when he's older :)