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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I finished hubby's quilt top. I really love this one! The borders just finished off the quilt top nicely.

Here is a member of my moral support team through it all :) Sometimes a tripping hazard but I love having him around.

I went through my stash and couldn't find anything that I really liked to use for a backing. So I set off today to the only quilting store opened around here on a Sunday. And the store was closed today. It is sadly the store that will be closing soon. On the brighter note for me, she did tape a message on her door to call her cell phone number if the store was closed. I figured I drove 25 minutes to get here, why not try the phone number. The end result is that she is no longer opened on Sundays but did come to the shop to open it for me. She is incredibly sweet and I will miss this new found fabric store treasure. So after picking out a backing for a quilt, I did a little more shopping....she had specifically opened the store for me so how could I not! I also bought a few other items earlier in the weekend so those are pictured here too :)

The Blues and one pink flower print that I couldn't resist. Reminds me of the gorgeous blossoms around here.

The Purples....I just love purple. I have yet to make a quilt with purple...mostly because I know it would be mine :)

I picked up these beauties for my sister. She wanted some school related fabric for our sewing vacation. I love the School House!

I also finished quilting my Mug Rug. Not extremely happy with this. But it was my first and I was just practicing with it. I do love the pocket. The worst mistake with this, is that the book gives the wrong measurements for the pieces. I should have went over it in my head first before cutting out the pieces. Anyway my mistake and I'll be keeping the mug rug. Lessons learned :)

Please excuse the bad lighting. When it's complete, I'll get a better picture with better lighting.

I also went through some of my scraps and cut them into useful pieces. Some pieces have went into the box for the Scarlet Galaxy Quilt and others went into another basket for a Log Cabin Beads quilt. And more 5" squares were done. I will have to start cutting up some 4" squares for HSTs. I haven't tried making any yet but it's definitely something on my list.

So this weekend was a pretty productive quilting weekend. I will hopefully get hubby's quilt ready to be quilted in the next few days. Not sure how I'm going to quilt it yet.

For the readers who have stuck with me this far, any ideas?



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    1. Thank you :) I started quilting it tonight. I'm trying my hand at Free Motion Quilting....a little nervous but so far it's going ok.