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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Much Needed Stash Manifesto

Ok. So I've been away from my sewing "den" let's call it, for about 5 days while being away for my work. I've been primary working from my stash for the last six months or so. But I have also been purchasing a few fabrics here and there still. I enjoy buying fabric and quilty things. I will not deny anything. But I realize that my fabric buying has pushed my sewing "den" to the capacity limit. I've even taken pictures of the proof of this. I'm starting to feel like a hoarder....

Evidence Picture #1 - 4 shelves full of fabric...see that second shelf from the top, I have to reach between the fabric piles to turn on my heaters.....

Evidence Picture #2 - These shelves are not as plentiful but still hold an abundance of fabric. There are also 2 quilt tops on this stand that need to be quilted.

Evidence Picture #3 - This is my under the bed tote packed with FQs....Can you guess why I left the Bargain Lover's Club?

Evidence Picture #4 - Here is where all my flannels reside and a few cotton panels.

Evidence Picture #5 - A Layer Cake and some other "Special" fabrics.

Evidence Picture #6 - Fabrics for one particular project. 

Evidence Picture #7 - These are my scrap bins. I actually have 9 scrap bins...some are hidden in the picture. 

So after seeing the hard truth of my abundant stash, I've decided that I NEED to make a Stash Manifesto. These are going to be quick and simple rules.
  1. Pull from my stash at every available opportunity while doing a project.
  2. Backing, batting, thread and fabric will be purchased when needed to complete a project.
  3. Fabric may be purchased to fulfill the Birthday Bonus Club if I cannot pull from my stash.
  4. Vacations will have a fabric budget (I may regret this one)
  5. If I happen to slip, I will pick myself up and continue on.
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  1. A fine manifesto indeed! I like that you're not depriving yourself. I often buy fabric on vacation - it's my kind of a souvenir! And I like that you're not going to beat yourself up over a slip here and there. This whole thing is supposed to be fun afterall! Thanks for linking up!

  2. At least your stash is organized! LOL Fabric on vacation is a great idea.

  3. sound rules, with some flexibility... I like your rule 5!