Finished Quilting Projects

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Two Finishes cont....

So here is post #2 from the quilt finishes on the weekend :)

Remember these blocks....

My sister and I were swapping these blocks back and forth between September and January. These are the colours I wanted for mine. She wanted these colours for hers.

Yellows, Greens and Blues. I really do love this combination. But I picked the purples and pinks because the little girl I wanted to make the quilt for loves those colours. 
 All those yummy fabrics together makes me think of Cotton Candy! I love how these blocks can just be tossed together and come out looking beautiful. I opted to not add the sashing to the quilt (secretly I was running out of time!)

Putting the rows together went fairly quick. My husband worked all weekend so I didn't cook any meals....I did purchase a few at the Farmer's Market when I took a small sewing break ;)

Next was deciding on what to do for the backing. I came up with these two fabrics....

Don't you just love those sweet birds on a tree branch! And the Flowers went perfectly with them :) The fabrics are Mammabirds in Violet from the Wrenly Collection by Valori Wells for Free Spirit Fabrics and Hothouse Flowers by Mo Bedell for Andover Fabrics. 

I still have a good amount of both fabrics in my stash ;)

 I decided to do Organic Wavy lines for the quilting. Quick and simple but still looks gorgeous!
I used white bobbin thread for the backing with birds and then switched over to a salmon coloured thread. I actually walked to my local quilt shop for when she opened to pick up the salmon coloured thread....I was dedicated to getting this finished!
Look at those sweet little birds!
And finally the finish!
I did the binding in the grey used in the quilt. First time that I have ever done that! And I have to say, I do like the effect of it ;)

Just love how sweet this quilt is!

I just can't get enough! And the little girl who received this quilt is a complete sweetheart! She absolutely loves it! She asked her parents if she could put it on her bed as soon as she opened it. I think that is the best compliment I could have received ;)


  1. Love it!! I may have to try this pattern.

  2. No sashing was the right call. So much more modern. And I love that Valori Wells print on the back. Another lovely finish. So good of you to make something for Big Sister!

  3. Awesome finish! Love it! The backing fabrics are so sweet. I have a small piece of the birdie fabric. It is so cute.