Finished Quilting Projects

Friday, 22 July 2016

Time Slips Away

I realize that it has been almost a month since I shared a new blog post. Oopps. Time definitely slips away. I went on my week long sewing trip at the beginning of the month. It was INCREDIBLE! Best year so far and plans are already in motion for 2017! Even though I haven't been writing up any blog posts, I haven't slowed down much in my sewing room. I have all these finishes and progress pictures to share with you all today :)

First up are these cute little triangle pouches.

These beauties are for my sister's baby shower (minus the blue dragonfly one which she already claimed!) Here's a link to the tutorial by Crafty Gemini :)

Next up is this awesome rope bowl.

So much fun to make! And so practical. This size was made with 50' of 1/4" braided cotton rope. I followed this tutorial from Julie Hirt. I also first started doing foundation paper piecing through another one of her tutorials. She is incredible!

I also worked on my FQS Mystery Quilt from 2014!
Oh those strips! And huge squares!

So much love went into those blocks...

Here is the center of the quilt top. I still have add the top and bottom borders....Still in the WIP pile....Hopefully I'll have it finished in the next couple of weeks. This quilt will never be leaving my house!

Another project I started was Violet Craft's Hummingbird Paper pattern. And it's free from Violet Craft! I had the opportunity to meet her in Michigan (and get a hug!). She's an incredibly down to earth person. So I got this far on my sewing vacation...

And then I was working on the final piece....and I was talking....and I did this while trimming...

Oopps. So I decided to wait until I returned from my sewing vacation to finish off this beautiful hummingbird.

When I decided to make this block, I knew I wanted to put this block as part of a pouch. So here's what I came up with :)

I love this hummingbird!

The back.

And the inside :)

And just to give you a better idea of how large this pouch is...

That's my iPad 2!

And finally the baby quilt that I was working on my last post. I am calling this quilt pattern "Building Blocks" Most of those FMQ motifs were all new to me. I learned so much in doing this small baby quilt.

This baby quilt pushed me outside of my comfort zone but I feel thrilled that I finished it. Not sure where this one will end up. For now, it'll stay here.

Here are a couple of close-up pictures.

And the pieced backing. I just love the various textures in this quilt. Perfect for a baby ;)

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my sewing life in the past month :) I hope you get to enjoy some gorgeous weather over the summer! And some quilting time ;)


  1. Julia, it has been so much fun watching your skills grow! Just look at what you've accomplished! Everything is wonderful, and that baby quilt.......well, it's just remarkable! Well done! XO

  2. Glad your sew-cation was great. You have been busy. Love the rope bowl. I think I need to try the triangle pouches.

  3. Well, no wonder you haven't been blogging! You're too busy sewing! Love the quilting on the baby quilt. And Violet's hummingbird.