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Saturday, 17 September 2016

99 Days til Christmas

So currently I am working on a Christmas gift. I know the weather is still warm out there but Christmas does sneak up on you when gifts are required to be made. I started paper piecing this snowflake last weekend...

I'm hoping to turn this gem into a table topper. I still have one more side to paper piece then I need to assemble it all. I downloaded this snowflake paper piecing pattern on Craftsy from Quilting Mod. So far I'm liking how this is coming together.

I also finished the baby quilt that I was working on for my niece or nephew. I'm hoping to reveal that baby quilt next weekend! Stay tuned for a post on that little gem :)

A couple of weekends ago, I also had a pretty big issue with my Oliso iron. The self destruction sequence must have been initiated. I just wanted to share on here, the very important lesson that I learned. Never leave your iron plugged in when you leave the room! Here's a few pictures to show what happened in under a minute with my iron.

My iron was in the "Off" position and up on it's little legs. I had just ironed some fabric and was getting ready to move over to my cutting area when I heard crackling....then you could smell the burning. I managed to get the iron unplugged very quickly so that no further damage occurred. The plug was extremely hot from all the current going to the iron. I'm pretty sure if this would have happened while I had been out of the room, there would have been a blackened, smoky mess! Not to mention a possible fire.

This picture is difficult to see but the little foot has some brown, melted spots on the inside. I contacted Oliso the next day (since this happened on the holiday) and the representative was quite helpful. The only downfall is that she couldn't tell me if the product was under warranty. She sent me the repair form but I wanted to know if the product was under warranty because I did not want to pay for shipping to have someone tell me there is nothing that can be done. She was quite helpful in sending me a shipping label so the shipment of the iron has not cost me anything. It has been shipped off to California so I am just waiting to hear back from the company. I will post an update when I hear anything. 

To say that I wasn't upset about this is an understatement. When you purchase these irons they are costly. I've only had this iron for just over a year. I was expecting to get quite a few years out of this iron. So I'm hoping they will repair/replace this one. If not, I will definitely not be purchasing one in the future as much as I liked this one.

I hope the outcome of this situation is a good one. For now, I am using my Panasonic cordless iron. I can't let a faulty iron get me down :)

Hope you are all having a great quilty weekend!



  1. Good luck with the iron issue! Can't wait to see the baby quilt! Can't wait to see you! Hope you have time to stop in for a visit while you're here. Pretty snowflake! I've been busy, but not accomplishing much. I hate it when that happens! XO

  2. Your snowflake looks great. Not ready to think about Christmas.