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Monday, 16 December 2013

New Quilt Day :)

I started sewing a new quilt today. I started cutting the pieces for it on Friday and almost have all the pieces cut but I decided I wanted to start sewing tonight instead of cutting the final pieces. This one is quite special to me since it is for my mom. It's for her birthday next month. I doubt any family members are reading this so I'm sure it'll stay a secret. It has pink, black, brown, white and green prints in it. I put a few breast cancer materials in it as well. Our family has been affected greatly by cancer and especially breast cancer. Happy to say they are all survivors! I just wanted to make a special quilt just for her since she is a very special woman. And she's my mom so she deserves it :)

Here's a peek at a baby quilt I finished on Thursday for a little girl's first Christmas. Different quilting method but I liked using it.

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