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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

So Close...

I am so close to having all my blocks finished on the quilt I am making. I am so excited! I just started cutting the pieces on Friday and I have gotten so much progress done on this new quilt. I still have a good bit of work to do but I am definitely further than I thought I was going to be :)

I'm hoping to have it finished by Dec 31. If not, close to complete by then. I know that may sound like I'm chewing off more than I can chew and maybe I am but I have to try. I really want to see the expression on my mother's face when she sees her quilt. I work full time but I have taken some vacation for Christmas so I'm hoping to use a good bit of my time attempting to finish this quilt.

Just tossing a question out there, anyone have any memories of thinking they wouldn't get a quilt done on time but then pushed through and finished their quilt on time? Was the expression on the recipient worth it?

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