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Monday, 3 February 2014


Well I got through today. It was a very tiring day since I didn't sleep well last night. I did however have a chance to get some quilting done this evening. My 5 columns are finished on my Scrappy Log Quilt. Just need to add the sashing and the border and then the quilt top will be complete. I need to cut those pieces since I wasn't sure what exactly would be the length after putting my blocks in columns. I added an extra column and row of blocks to make this quilt larger than the original pattern. I'm hoping to be on my way to quilting this one by the weekend.

I also bought some fabric today. I'm really trying not to buy a lot but these were gorgeous red prints that would go perfect for my spouse's quilt. And it was only half a meter of two fabrics. And also whatever is left will be used for my 5 year future quilt Star Galaxy. I figure it'll be 5 years by the time I have all kinds of different red and cream prints that are cut into the pieces needed for that quilt.

Ah so many quilts to do....I think after this one, I will put the binding on my king size quilt that I had quilted and then start on my Funfetti quilt. This addiction feels like it will never end :)

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