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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Funfetti Quilt Progress

Well my hubby and I's honeymoon trip was cancelled due to illness (caught a flu bug) so we have been relaxing and recovering at home. So I have been making some headway on my Funfetti quilt. I have exactly half of the blocks complete.

And here's a close-up of one.

I am quite happy so far with the result. I'm trying to at least finish the quilt top before I get into using my new embroidery machine. I am however going to an event tomorrow that showcases what my machine can do. I'm excited about going. I know myself too well which is why I've been trying to complete this quilt before I throw myself into the embroidery world. I don't want to push this quilt aside and take longer to finish it because I'm too absorbed with the embroidery machine.

So I'm hoping to complete the other 31 blocks tomorrow. There isn't as much sewing as these blocks so hopefully I'll have all the blocks finished by tomorrow night. Then it's off to design the layout :)

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