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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday Stash and Positively Simple

Well it's been decided. Positively Simple was the option most voted for. It was the one that I liked most but since it's the FIRST time I use a Layer Cake, I wanted to make sure. I actually still haven't cut into any of the Layer Cake yet. I did cut as much of the Kona Aqua as I could. I knew I didn't have enough but I wanted to start this quilt so I cut anyway.

Thanks to my MMQG members to remember the name of that Kona :) 

I actually didn't do much in my sewing room yesterday besides cutting up those pieces. The day here was gorgeous and I took full advantage of it. I spent a lot of time outside yesterday. Walking the dog, then walking to the Farmers Market and finally doing a bit of shopping. One stop was to a LQS within a 10 min walk from my house to search for the Kona Aqua fabric. I figured there wouldn't be any there but I had to try :)

My mailbox has been in full swing this week! I received three fabric packages. It was so exciting! It's been such a dreadful winter here but it is finally starting to look up. So seeing my mailbox overflowing most days when I came home was a fantastic site to see!

 This Sew Sisters purchase came in last week. I put in a small order when they had their Easter Treat event.

The fabric on the left is Paris - Café Linen and the fabric on the right is Floral on Newsprint Blue from the Bright and Early collection. And my Easter Treat was 20% off my next purchase :) It was used this weekend along with my $100 gift card....more to come on this purchase in a future post ;)

I ordered one Color Theory Charm Pack from Sew Sisters and one from Westwood Acres Fabric.

I love that I was able to get a little taste of this collection! So pretty!

I also picked up the April Showers Bundle by Bonnie & Camille from Westwood Acres Fabric which is pictured below on the right.

On the left are fabrics from the Bungalow Collection by Joel Dewberry. I've always been a fan of Joel Dewberry prints. I picked out various fabrics of that collection that I liked. And then when they arrived from Fabric Please! I tied them together in a cute little bundle :) And this collection is still on sale for $8 a yard! Click here to see this beautiful collection! If your order is under $25, shipping anywhere in Canada is a $5 Flat Rate!

Well that's my Sunday Stash for this week :) Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

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  1. Great acquisitions. Have fun deciding what to do with them all.