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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wishing for 3 Day weekends....

There are not enough hours in a weekend to do everything that I need and want to do. I had so many plans Friday afternoon for projects I wanted to sew. The Positively Simple quilt top was something I wanted to finish this weekend. I've decided to omit the outer border since the quilt top is quite large now. I was planning on making one pillow cover for my 26" pillow.....I never had a chance to get to that. I also had a plan to baste a baby panel together....that also didn't happen. There are some days I wish I lived in an apartment again where there wasn't so much housework and no yard work. But then I wouldn't be able to fit my stash in a two bedroom apartment :)

So I did try something new this weekend. I cut my sashing strips on the length of my Kona Aqua for the Positively Simple quilt. I've never done that before. I usually just piece together the longer strips. I'm always worried that I would end up with skewed strips but it worked out quite well.

I had bought a good amount of extra Kona Aqua in case of cutting mistakes so I decided to try it. I was pretty happy with the result. Only one cutting mistake...

I also received a couple of squishy packages last week. I'm really going to miss door to door postal service when they implement one of those Postal Superboxes. Gives me that extra push to get home quickly when I see my mailbox overflowing with squishy packages when I'm walking up my street :) I'll post those purchases on a Stash Sunday post. Stay tuned :)

I also pulled some fabric from my stash and purchased a meter or two to go with this bundle of fabrics. I'm going to make a gender neutral baby quilt for a co-worker, who's wife is expecting late this summer. I went with just green and grey fabrics. What do you think? Should I add another colour or omit any of the fabrics in the pile?

This is their first child and I know the nursery is painted grey but they don't have anything else picked out yet. So I thought going with the green/grey palette would be good. I like yellow/grey too but I have a very limited stash of yellow I've noticed. I've been purchasing some new fabric here and there but I'm trying to get this quilt done with fabrics from my stash.

I'm still debating on what pattern to use. I'm leaning more towards using Lorna McMahon's Modern Lattice pattern because I figured I could cut out enough 5" x 10" pieces out of these fabrics to have enough to make a second baby quilt to have on hand for another gift. Then another pattern that I seen was LeAnne Ballard's Baby Showers pattern. I know I will make this pattern someday because I find it so sweet. I'm just thinking Lorna's pattern will be quicker and possibly allow me to cut up enough pieces to make two baby quilts. There are just too many gorgeous patterns out there!

So lots and lots of projects on the go. My head is definitely spinning!

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  1. I like the green and yellow with the grey. Modern Lattice looks like a good pattern. Good luck.