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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mystery Quilt Block #7

Well I finished piecing the center of the Dressed to the Nines Quilt top. I ironed it all out and then I put it aside for the week.

And started cutting out my pieces for Block #7 of the FQS Mystery Quilt. I am a bit behind in this project. I received Block #11 in the mail about a few weeks back. So I decided, I need to concentrate on getting a few more of these blocks done. So here is #7....

I really love doing these. And I've been finding that I have little time to get any quilting done during the week lately. I've also been concentrating on getting my house organized....I know I may be crazy lol. So that will be a work in progress for at least 6 months :) But I know it will feel so much better once that is done. And I'm sure my sewing room will take over 2 months to organize....only because I know I will stop to admire beautiful fabric and sew a bit in between organizing :)

I also received this gorgeous numbered pins from Mad About Patchwork.

These beauties were only $28! And of course the shipping was only $5.95! Love Mad About Patchwork!

So I guess I'll have to put these pins to work soon....lots of quilts coming in the near future :)

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