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Sunday, 31 May 2015

End of May Stash

Wow! The month of May slipped away from me. I want summer to be here but I also enjoy spring :) All my tulips are in full happy the previous homeowner was a gardener. I get to enjoy all the beautiful flowers that she planted. So on to what makes my heart sing :)

I made a few fabric purchases in the last couple of's what I received from Westwood Acres when they had their clearance sale....

4 Charm Packs of Paradiso....I just love this collection. These will be only used for my personal usage ;)

Butterfly Dance Bundle from Riley Blake's Natalie Lymer. This wonderful bundle was on clearance so I had no excuse not purchase it :) Just too sweet. And I can't pass up butterfly prints!

Then there were those squishy packages that arrived a few weeks back now...

Remember this picture...

One package was the Bargain Lovers Club from Sew Sisters.

I was a bit disappointed when I opened these. There was absolutely no excitement at all. I love Sew Sisters and I have been a member of their club for years now, but these were boring. I will use them and I have already pulled one for the baby quilt I'm making, but I usually want my Fat Quarters each month to be exciting. Even though I don't love every package I've received, I at least get excited about the colours and the prints. These were insanely dull. I'm hoping next month brings me more excitement!

The second package was from Hamels Fabrics. They were having a clearance sale too. Spring cleaning happens in the fabric world apparently! So I ordered a bunch but they ran out of some of the fabrics that I ordered. But I did manage to get these beauties :)

From left to right is Chambry Rose in gray, Willow and Safari Playground Jungle Alphabet in gray. I had ordered other prints in the Safari Playground collection but they had run out. Not sure what I'll do with the fabrics yet but I added them to my stash ;)

I'm currently planning a trip to Portland for next month on the Nova Star ferry. I'm sure I'll have another stash post in the near future. The addiction continues....


  1. What a great haul! Can't wait to see how you use these!

  2. You have been that is. LOL I stopped my subscription to the Bargain Lovers' Club earlier this year. I was being disappointed too many months. Maybe I'll join again in the future.

  3. Some beautiful fabrics! Don't knock that bundle of neutrals/tone-on-tones. They come in pretty handy! I have a big bag full and use them plenty.