Finished Quilting Projects

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Working towards Goal #12

12) I also want to dust off my embroidery machine. I haven't been using it nearly enough to justify owning it. I've purchased different products for it and haven't even taken them out of the packaging! 

That above goal is listed in my Goals for 2016 post. I've spent most of my vacation cleaning and 
organizing my sewing room (and cooking an insane amount of food!) that I hadn't done much sewing until yesterday. While the ham was cooking in my slow cooker, I decided to try sewing on my Topaz 20 machine. My husband bought me the circular attachment for this machine over a year ago for my birthday.....sadly yesterday was the first day I used it.

But I did learn how to use it and finished a quick pillow cover :)

What you can't see is the circular attachment underneath the fabric. You can make perfect circles with this tool! And Petals too but I haven't tried that yet. I do have some ideas to use the petals in for a future quilt. 

You start off by using the template and drawing your center point and circle around the point. In reality, this step isn't really needed but it is a bit helpful as you sew the circle. 

The reason why one corner is cut so much more than the other is that my first circle was horrible! I used the wrong stitch and then tried to remove the stitch. While trying to undo stitches, I went through this pretty Kona fabric.....So what I decided rather than throw the piece of fabric away that I would cut the piece on the corners. And the different sizes may be considered a modern pillow cover....

Here's the finish :)

And finally with a pillow insert.

The colours are bold but I think that's what I liked about it. Not sure if I'll keep this or not. I really don't need any more pillow covers. I just wanted to test out my circular attachment. I'll have to think about it. For now, I'll remove the pillow insert and put the pillow cover away for another time.

What do you do with projects that are just practice pieces turned into a finished project?


  1. I like the corners. You did a great job. Save it for when you need a little gift.

  2. Your pillow is super cute! I have the circular attachment too. I did take it out of the package and give it a little go but haven't made anything yet. Maybe that will go back on my list. I just put aside any practice pieces and they always seem to get used up at some point.

  3. Very cool attachment! I often make baby quilts to be donated as practice pieces. Pillows add up too quickly for me.