Finished Quilting Projects

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Progress On Mystery Quilt and a Quilt Reveal

This is will be a quick post. I am currently away for work so the blogging has been sparse. I have been working on the tutorial for the Additions Quilt. Hoping I'll be able to publish that in the coming weeks! The sewing has continued while being away since I took my machine with me this time.

And since this Saturday was a bad storm day here, I had lots of time to finish the quilting on the Mystery Quilt.

And the pieced backing...

So happy the quilting is finished on this one! There's only the binding left which will be started next weekend when I return home :)

And I also can reveal another quilt! I was finally able to give my parents their long awaited Christmas gift!

I know it was February when they received it but I haven't seen them since November. Better late than never ;)


  1. Yay for snowy sew days! And yay for quilts getting to their intended recipients (sometimes it takes me a while too!)

  2. Pretty quilt, I like the gray in the quilt.

    1. Thank you :) My parents purchased a new couch and it's gray so I wanted to put a lot of gray in the quilt with a pop of colour :)

  3. Congrats on finishing your mystery. Don't forget to send your photo -- tomorrow is the deadline.

  4. I am loving that mystery quilt! Good job sticking with it to the end. Bet your folks were over the moon with their beautiful quilt! It's just lovely! XO