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Monday, 13 January 2014

2014 Quilts and Projects to do

I seen a really good post today talking about making up a list of what quilts to make out of your quilt book library. I have so far made three quilts out of my book library. Each quilt was from a different book or magazine. I think I would still like to make a list since my list in my head is getting longer and longer as time goes on. I have bought material for future quilts which I thought I would have been working on by now. Instead I ended up skipping a bit in order to make some quilts as gifts. So I am almost finished quilting my mother's quilt and then I have another one with most of the pieces cut out and ready to be sewn. Then maybe I can get back to my original quilt list.

There are just too many possibilities out there. Way too many beautiful quilts and not enough time. I'll try to finalize my list this week for the quilts to make in 2014. Hope all your New Year resolutions  are going well.

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