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Friday, 4 July 2014

Pick Me Up of the Day

So I've spent the last couple of days sewing a few more totes. I modified the pattern a bit to fit magazines/books. I'm constantly carrying quilting magazines with me whenever I go anywhere. It's almost a joke for some people when they see me since they know I am absolutely addicted to quilting. I wanted to make something to be able to organize my messy bags that I carry with me. So this tote will keep my magazines/books in perfect condition while keeping them organized in my purse.

I love purples! And I used Sulky Blendables in purple for the embroidery. Sulky Blendables doesn't pop as much as the Rayon Thread but it does look beautiful. I can't wait to try my Aurifil coming from Massdrop for embroideries.

Fits three magazines with a little bit of room to spare :)

The point sticks out a bit but it's not drastically bad. I should have accounted for this when I was making the tote. Purples just make me so happy and knowing that this tote is going to be holding my quilting magazines and gorgeous books makes me happy, happy :)

So I went out yesterday to my local embroidery shop and spent a small fortune there. Another expensive addiction but it is a healthy one :) Also received my order from Amazon. And I purchased a box of 100 embroidery know so I wouldn't run out :)

I can't wait to take a look at the software collection. A bit of a splurge purchase there since it cost $30 but I figure I'll have it forever. And I love using monkeys in my sewing projects. The wonderclips are something that I saw on Jennifer's blog Quarter Inch fron the Edge. After sticking myself so many times with pins while doing bindings, I couldn't believe these Wonderclips existed! So I found a pack of 50 on Amazon for a good price and then I had to order Simply Retro to cash in on the Free Shipping. Also on Massdrop right now, there is a deal for 100 Wonderclips for $23.99 USD. I purchased a package of them so having 150 should get me a long, long way.

I received an order today for a baby quilt. I will be making another monkey quilt. There's a deadline of early August so I'll be working on that quilt at the same time as the Dressed to the Nines quilt. I have all of the 144 - 5 " squares cut for that quilt. So just need to sew together my nine patch and cut, then sew up again :) I am so excited about these two orders. Always feels great that someone likes your work enough to commission a quilt to be made for them. Just over the moon today....even with "Arthur" arriving tomorrow. Hope you have some sewing plans that you will keep you out of that tropical storm.

If you haven't had a chance to enter my giveaway yet, you can enter on this post Embroidery and Giveaway. The lucky winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning....Good Luck!

And Happy 4th of July to my readers across the border! Hope you're having a safe and happy celebration!



  1. Hi Julia. I discovered your blog via Anja's blog - I am a member of MMQG too, thought I have been a very absent member lately. I love this idea of a magazine pouch to keep them neat and tidy in a giant tote bag. Plus it's a quick project... Thanks for the idea!

    1. It's a very quick project. I love mine! I take it with me everywhere and my magazines and books are all taken care of :) Hopefully I'll get to see you sometime at a Sew In :) Thanks for commenting :)