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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pretty Sewing Things

I was so excited today when I arrived home to see a delivery notice in my mailbox. I knew my Tula Pink Aurifil Thread had finally arrived. Look at the pretty case :)

And oh so gorgeous variegated threads :) Each spool has 1422 yards so I figured I could use them for a while. I just love the colours. I picked these up on Massdrop. It was actually my first purchase with them but there were so many orders for it that the company needed to fabricate more so I ended up getting my second purchase delivered first.

This is also a US company which can be good and bad.The good part is that the price is usually quite good. I picked this package up for $88.99 USD which includes shipping. The only issue is that sometimes you get charged through Customs. My package of 100 Wonder Clips did not get charged but my Aurifil thread did which cost me an extra $22.91 on top of the $88.99 USD for processing fees through customs. So I'm happy that I received the thread but I think I'll be a little more careful with my purchases from Massdrop. I still did a good purchase because Aurifil thread for that size usually runs around $12 a spool. I did buy this based on many bloggers opinions of Aurifil thread. I haven't used it yet so I'm hoping that I will like it since I bought this package of it :) A slight daring or crazy I know :)

I did make a trip to Panier D'Art with a friend yesterday. There is a huge sale going on all this week. There are new bolts put out every morning and they are priced $2, $3, $4 and $5 a meter! And 20% off the rest of the fabric. So I picked up a few items that were on sale.

And then I spotted some new fabric!

I love, love, love this fabric. It's a little more than I typically spend on fabric. It was $15.95 a meter but it was 20% off and I just purchased 1 meter. And I just love it! Not exactly sure what I'm going to use it on but definitely something special :)

I also just attached the binding to my monkey quilt with my Wonder Clips :) What little gems those are! Big thanks to Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge for introducing me to these. I'm hoping to be finished that quilt by tomorrow night :) I will take a picture of it even though it is almost the same as the last Monkey Quilt.

Here's to hoping tomorrow's work day goes by quickly!



  1. What great thread colours.

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to use them on something :)

  2. Lovely thread colours - you're going to have fun with those! Thanks for the shout-out, Julie! We'll have to chat more about Massdrop... I've been hearing a lot about it lately!

    1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful wonders :) I finished binding the quilt last night thanks to those and my binding tool. I think Massdrop is quickly becoming more popular :)