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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday Stash & Fabric Shop Hop

As part of my sewing vacation in Wolfville, I could not help but throw in a Fabric Shop Hop on my way home. First off, I bought an insane amount of fabric. Second thing, good thing my husband loves me :) So without further ado, here are my Fabric Shop Hop purchases.

Avonport Discount Fabric Centre was a daily visit while on my vacation in Wolfville. I only went three times and spent at least 2 hours there each time. The staff there is incredible and you learn so many useful tips from all the staff members there that it is so easy to spend a crazy amount of time there. So here are all my purchases from Avonport :)

There's even some fabrics stored underneath because I didn't have enough room on my cutting table with all my other Fabric Shop Hop purchases.

I'm usually not into a lot of these prints but I just couldn't stop staring at this panel. I decided to purchase it and I think I'll make some pillows out of each of the movie poster panels.

 Love this panel. I'm going to make a Teapot Holder and four coasters out of each set.

A few accessories :)

My mom bought each one of us this handy bag. They are pretty neat where you could fit an entire quilt in this bag. And the best part, they were only $19.99! Great purchase!

 Some Stencils.

And a couple of patterns. I love the Yellow Brick Road quilt. When I was a teenager, I had sea sponged my room bright blue and did the casings in a bright yellow. So this took me back to that room that I loved so much. My parents painted it as soon as I moved out lol.

I just love Avonport Discount Fabric Centre. One of the best places to visit. They have a facebook group which I have posted the link here. Sales and some of the new fabrics they receive are posted there.

When I left on Thursday, my first stop was A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop in Digby, NS. Darlene D is the shop owner and what a sight to be seen there. There is a quilt room where beautiful quilts hang on the walls and then a bed which has a beautiful quilt on display. It is just a cozy shop that you can just enjoy the moment and have a chat or two with Darlene. I'll definitely be visiting again :)

 I picked up a few spools of embroidery thread, a stencil, black and white prints, red sayings print and an orange print. I'm sure my orange print will shock a few. Orange is my least favourite colour and this may very well be my first orange print purchase. I cannot remember ever buying it before. But I like the swirly print and thought maybe I should have a bit of orange for my stash.

Next up was just a few minutes down the road from A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop, called Complete Fabrication. This store has a Facebook Group so I have posted the link here.

I couldn't help but pick this up especially after my vacation in wine country. It is an apron panel to be made up. I don't have an apron so this is perfect for me :)

My other purchases were a ruler holder which I have set up in my sewing room and it works quite well to keep all my rulers together. I bought the little penguin buttons for my sister. I've had my eye on the Rock Candy pattern designed by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts for a while. So I decided to pick up this pattern as well. Cute shop on the waterfront in Digby.

Next up is one of my local quilt shops, Panier D'Art. It's a half hour drive from my house but that's close enough to be local right :) I go to this shop often enough but I hadn't been there for a little while. And since I had decided to do this little Fabric Shop Hop, I had to add a few local places that I visit.

 The purple Owl print at the top is just adding more to my stash. For a client, I will be using the purple Owl print that I had so I wanted to purchase more of it so I would have some for myself. Such an addiction I know. I also added the other owl prints for my personal use. Some day, I may need to make some baby quilts for myself. I also found another print that goes along with the wine apron I purchased that same day. I think I may make a few coasters out of the wine print. And last but definitely not least, my eye caught one of these panels and I couldn't help but purchase it. Read below to see the panel that caught my eye.

This is exactly how I feel about quilting. I couldn't have found a better saying to show exactly how I feel. So of course, I needed to buy some of this fabric as well. It'll make some beautiful coasters for tea :)

Next up, was this small little gift shop that sells a small amount of fabric and other handmade items. I cannot remember the name of this place but it is right beside Edna's Bakery in Port Maitland along the main road there. I also stopped in at Edna's Bakery because it is just so delicious in there.

I picked up a few cuts of fabric. The yarn fabric will be going to my mom. She is a knitter....almost as addicted to it as I am to quilting. The sewing accessories fabrics I think would go well when I make up a sewing bag so I picked up some cuts of that. And then the wolf pattern just seems perfect to fussy cut those pieces out to put into a quilt.

And my last stop was at another LQS, K & K Fashions in my town of Yarmouth, NS. Always great to see the staff who work here. Wonderful people. They do A LOT of alterations and fabrication for clothes. They have a good selection of fabric and I like the staff so I visit frequently :) Picked up these fabrics.

I love the purple background with the ladybugs. Insanely cute. And the puppy dog print is just irresistible for me.

I also stopped by another LQS called Designs by Nhung yesterday. Purchased a few things there as well. I'm mentioning this one in case if you're ever visiting Yarmouth, you'll know where the local quilt shops are :)

Well I purchased a fair bit of fabric and really should not need to purchase any more but I know I will. It's such an addiction. Right now, I will have a lot to work with and I'll be putting away some money for our sewing vacation next year.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. These are some awesome fabrics! Lots to add to your stash :) Start saving for next year is right!

    1. Definitely lots to add to my stash. And the "sewing vacation jar" is being filled already :)

  2. I think you out-shopped me!! LOL Great stash.

    1. I think I may have went a bit too far but it's so easy when you're shopping at Avonport Discount Fabrics :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks :) I may have overdone it a bit but I love everything I picked up :)

  4. Lots of great finds here, Julia! I didn't know about most of these shops.. thankfully, they're a little far for me to drive, so I'm not hopping the car just yet. Did you know you've been reset to a no-reply blogger? Normally, I can reply to your comments on my blog, but not yesterday's one. I was also wondering if you knew that your blog's name is different on Bloglovin'. It made it tricky for me to find & follow you! :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for letting me know. It worked fine a few days ago. I hope that I fixed it. I'm not sure how to change the name on Bloglovin'. I'll try to look into that. Thanks again for letting me know :)

  5. Wow! What a haul! Three consecutive days at Avonport...that's hard core! I see a few fabrics in your new purchases that I would love to have. Your sewing vacation sounds like such fun.

    1. Definitely hard core :) You really get to know the staff that way too! The sewing vacation was fantastic! Me and my cousin actually just booked at the same place for a November sewing vacation :)