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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday Stash....Vacation Style

I just arrived home today from being away for one full week away from my sewing machine....I had a great time but I fear I may have gone a little overboard with some fabric shopping. Last Friday, I received two squishy packages. One was my order from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and the other was my monthly Bargain Lover's package from Sew Sisters. If you follow my blog, you know I've been less than impressed with the Bargain Lover's Club lately. This month, there was some excitement!

Check out the colours! Colours that bring life to my sewing soul!

And such a cute text print!

So after getting excited about these, I opened my order from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

This is the first time I ordered from this company. Very happy with the service. And right now they are offering $10 shipping to Canada! If you sign up for their newsletter, there is a daily deal every day! That Cold Spell jelly roll was half off! So the jelly roll was added to my cart first and then I added a few mini-charms, True Luck and Cold Spell. And then one package of True Luck Charm Squares.

After admiring my newly acquired fabrics, I started to get ready for my vacation to Prince Edward Island. I did a quick search to locate some fabric stores nearby....I found more than I had anticipated! My first fabric stop was The Quilt Gallery. Great shop! Lots of fabric. I browsed the Quilt Gallery but I always leave those areas feeling sad. All the quilts that are there are never to be touched or used. I always make quilts because I want people to enjoy them, use them, comfort them. I wouldn't want to own any of those quilts. It's just not my thing to have a quilt but to never USE IT! 

I browsed the shop for about an hour and I was extremely good. Even my husband was shocked! 

I purchased this Sand Surf Sun panel from Timeless Treasures. I have been looking for this panel for a few weeks since a quilt pattern appeared in Quick Quilts using it. At The Shore quilt pattern caught my
attention :) Not sure when I'll get to make it but havingthe panel is a great start!

The second quilt shop was in Charlottetown called Island Fabric Outlet. This shop has a good selection of quilting cottons and tons of upholstery fabrics. I picked up a few more fabrics here.

There's a couple of Michael Miller prints in there. And some Wilmington prints. 
Also picked up some self-threading needles. I didn't even know those existed before watching
a tutorial a few weeks ago! Definitely trying these babies out next time I have to bury some threads.

Then there was a stop at the Quilting B & More in downtown Charlottetown. Picked up a few fabrics here and browsed around that cute and cozy shop.

Love the Anchor print! I'm almost regretting that I didn't buy more of it. It is Holiday Banners by The RBD Designers for Riley Blake Designs. I'm also thinking of some special projects for the Pink Ribbon fabric.
And the Frozen print will be turned into a special something for a special little girl ;)

The following day, I drove to the Fabric Outlet. Lots and lots of fabrics in there. So trip #1 (there were multiple trips) yielded these stash building fabrics.

Don't you love those bundles! There is a plan for those colourful dot fabrics....a far, far away plan but there is a plan!

Trip #2

So you see that Red Dot bundle in the back....That was suppose to be the only fabric I was 
returning to this store to purchase....I just can't help myself.

Trip #3

This cute little bundle was discovered after I had already paid for my purchase on Trip #2.
I couldn't stop thinking about that bundle all night. So I returned to the store the following afternoon and it was still there. Buried a bit but still there ;)

I think my husband may plan a vacation spot for next year that is free of fabric shops....I did have a great time!

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  1. I love your fabric purchases! Those dots are calling to me, too :) I really love Missouri Star Quilt Co, they do a fabulous job :)

  2. I am also suffering from an extended stay away from my sewing machine and may just have gone a little overboard in my fabric purchases (enough that my purchases will be shared over several blog posts!) lol. You have some beautiful fabrics. I have never ordered from the Missouri Star Quilt Company but I have heard very good things.

  3. How funny Molly Sparkles support group!!! I do love the little bundles you got at the Fabric Outlet. I see you're doing the Midnight Mystery Quilt-a-long too. I followed you on Bloglovin and saved your post on quilt-a-long. I love your fabric choices. It will be fun to see all our quilts this next spring. Take care, Mary.

  4. Oh, my, Julia! You have your work cut out for you! I see lots of fun sewing in your future!

  5. Awesome new additions to your fabric cupboard! Those fat quarter bundles are wonderful. Loving all the dots!