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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lost: Blogging Mojo

So two weeks has slipped by quickly as I noticed that is the last time I put a post up. I haven't been sewing much in the last couple of weeks. I did do some shopping's not that I need more fabric.....I just can't help myself to pretty fabrics. Here's my latest haul :)

There's some Kona Pewter, Riley Blake Dots, Bumbleberries in Green, Grey and Orange, Mixology and a Teal Ribbon Fat Quarter. When I went into the quilt shop, I just needed 1.25 m of Kona Pewter.....I walked out with much, much more....All the dot prints are for a future quilt.

So after talking myself out of buying fabric for a little while, I was on the road for work. So while looking for a public washroom where I was, I ended up having to stop in at a fabric store. I tried two other places before stopping there including buying my lunch at one of them. I had to buy fabric in order to use the facilities. Working on boats has it's I ended up with these Fat Quarters....

Lots of dots! I need lots of dots so I've been collecting feverishly to have enough for that quilt.

Then I also received a squishy package in the mail from Sew Sisters :)

Ah :) I've been so happy with their Bargain Lover bundles lately...sadly I may have to leave this club soon due to the fact that I have an INSANE amount of Fat Quarters.....I must be reaching around 400 Fat Quarters right sewing room is bursting at the seams! I can't possibly sew as fast as fabric keeps coming in! I am so addicted to this club due to the monthly surprise :)

So in Sewing Projects, I can finally share the first 3 Mosaic Tiles blocks that I made for my sister over @ Jill's Quilting and Appliqué

These are so easy and fun!

I'll need to start the next set in a couple of weeks. 

Have you ever done a swap before?


  1. Great acquisitions, but I'm starting to think I need to have an intervention for you. LOL

  2. I love all the new fabrics! I really love my blocks :) So exciting and so much fun !

  3. I agree with Anja! No wonder you don't have time for blogging! I'm loving the tile block. I look forward to seeing them all together.