Finished Quilting Projects

Monday, 14 September 2015

Weekend Production

This weekend started off with the determination to finish my 26" Pillow Cover. I had originally planned on putting in a zipper. Then I changed my mind and decided to do something I had never done before on a pillow cover.....make an envelope back with buttons. I went through my stash of buttons on hand. And decided on some wooden ones that make me think traditional but down to earth. In my determination to get this project done, I forgot to take pictures of the here is the finished pillow cover with a close-up of one of the buttons.

Pillow front. I love how the texture of the quilting feels!

The envelope back with three buttons.

And a close-up of one of the buttons. I love how tiny sections are cut out of these wooden buttons.

I'm extremely happy at how this project turned out...and I think my hubby is happy that everything came from my stash and one of those huge 26" pillows are no longer laying on the floor. I only have 2 more to go! 

Then I started working on the blocks for my Mosaic Tiles quilt. I cannot start on my sister's Mosaic Tiles quilt until I obtain some Kona Pewter for the background fabric. I searched all the LQSs here but none have Konas. I'm going to have to visit some other fabric stores that do have Kona fabrics in the next couple of days. I called one of them who said they have a pretty big here's to hoping there's some Pewter left when I get there :)

I chopped all my blocks in four quadrants and then laid out the first block.

After sewing that one together, I started on a second block then a third and now have 3 of 13 blocks complete.

These blocks are so fun and quick to make! Loving how they are coming together :)

So what did your weekend look like? Full of sewing? Enjoying the last few weeks of summer? Preparing for hibernation for winter? Would love to hear from you :)


  1. Wow, Julia! Your pillow is amazing! And look at you go on that Mosaic Tiles quilt! You'll be finished in no time! Good luck getting your pewter!

  2. Great pillow!! Good luck finding Pewter. Did you hear that Avonport will not be carrying Kona any longer? boo, hoo.