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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Post Vacation Sunday Stash Vol.4

Some more beauties to share. I was lucky that two of these fabric purchases were on clearance and it was buy one meter, get two free. How could I resist?!

From top left to bottom right:
  • Metro Cafe from Robert Kaufman - One of the clearance fabrics!
  • Pimatex Basics from Robert Kaufman - The other print on clearance.
  • Purple Haze by Daphne B for Wilmington prints
  • Hotsprings - Purple in the Honeymoon collection by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel
  • Metro Living in Grey from Robert Kaufman
  • Dazzle by Patrick Lose for Robert Kaufman
I did receive a squishy package in the mail on Friday....Westwood Acres may have been having a sale and I may have justified the purchase by cashing in on my rewards....Whatever the justification, I picked up this cute bundle :)

The Honeymoon Fat Quarter bundle!

Who would have known that a little Fat Quarter could have caused so much damage! I hadn't bought any Cotton + Steel  up until I purchased the Hotsprings on my vacation....then I was hooked! These fabrics are not typically what I purchased but I decided to go outside the box....Not sure what I'm going to make with these beauties yet...

Only one more Post Vacation Sunday Stash post to go!


  1. I bought the Honeymoon Fat Quarter bundle from Westwood Acres too! Beautiful fabrics.

    1. We were the lucky ones ;) There are some beautiful fabrics in there. Not sure what I'll use this bundle for but something special :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes they are! So different than what I normally purchase :)

  3. Great haul of fabrics. Never heard of Westwood Acres before.

  4. I haven't seen Hotsprings before, but it is lovely! I will have to search it out.

  5. Nice! I am addicted to C&S . Don't think I have any Hotsprings yet but am definitely going to search.