Finished Quilting Projects

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Baby Quilt for a soon-to-be-here boy

So I started cutting out the pieces for a baby quilt that I want to make for a co-worker and his wife. Their baby boy is due to arrive in July and I would like to have this quilt to them before his arrival. I also found out a mutual friend will be traveling my way so he'll be able to take it back if I have it finished on time. Save on the shipping and allow me to buy more fabric :) A win-win situation!

So here are some pictures of it's progress. Also did I mention that it is applique. I have never done applique before so this is a whole new skill for me.

The layout of the quilt center without the applique pieces.

Pictures of the layout of the applique for one of the three monkeys :)

I know my friends are making their nursery full of monkeys so I thought this baby quilt would be perfect to add to their nursery. So hopefully I can apply the applique pieces correctly tomorrow. Always scary when trying something new for the first time. So far, I'm happy with the result :)

Are you trying any new techniques?



  1. Julia, that is adorable!! Applique has never been my favorite, but I recently added some to a baby quilt that was just too blah without it and am realizing it's easier than I thought and fun for the right projects : )

  2. Thank you :) I have had a fear of appliqué since I started quilting. So far, I'm finding it easy and pretty. Hopefully everything will go well when I start stitching around the shapes :) Thank you for your comment :)