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Monday, 19 May 2014

May Long Weekend

Well I had lots of company over the weekend. My family was visiting and there was lots of laughs, lots of food and good times. I did sneak in a bit of quilting where I finished my Funfetti Quilt on Friday morning. I decided to sell the quilt and it was sold a few hours later to someone I knew from high school. So it is bittersweet since I did love that quilt as I do all my quilts but I know she will love it. She said she's always wanted to buy a quilt and when I posted mine for sale, she messaged me right away. So I'm happy that it is going to someone who will enjoy it and I'll have a little extra money for more fabric :)

So I also played teacher this weekend. My sister has never really tried sewing before so I had asked her if she wanted to try it with some scrappy pieces that I had. So I think she did a great job and made this mug rug.

I decided to do one of my own from the Mug Rugs book that is on my Library Project List. I haven't gotten it all finished since I was helping her out. And also I had to cut all new pieces since the measurements in the pattern didn't work out to put the pieces together. So after a few frustrations, I realized that I was going to have to cut all new pieces

It is difficult to tell but that red strip is actually a pocket. When I have it complete, I'll post a picture with a spoon in it to show off the pocket :)

I also cut up more of the red, black and white 5" squares that I need for my husband's Dressed to the Nines quilt. I have almost half of the squares cut up now. And added a few more red scraps to my bin for the Galaxy Star Quilt. So all in all, I think I had a pretty good weekend :)

Also I'm going to join a Block of the Month club. FatQuarter Shop is starting one next month called 2014 Mystery Quilt BOM and I think I would like to join. I've never done anything like that before but I think it would be fun....possibly frustrating but it would be neat to get a package every month and learn a new block each month.

Have any of you tried BOM programs? Do you like them or dread them?

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