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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Finish and a Small Pincushion

Well at midnight last night, I officially finished the order for a Monkey Quilt. I had set a deadline of August 1 so I finished it a tiny bit into August 2. I only needed to have it complete by the end of August but you know how that saying goes, what can go wrong will go wrong. Luckily I did not have too many issues with this quilt. A few tiny snags that thankfully I caught early! The process that took a while was trying to figure out how to use my binding tool :) I found this great You Tube video from Missouri Star Quilt Co. If you're interested in watching the video, just click here. I found it was great to see how it was used. Descriptions are great but seeing it, is worth it's weight in gold!

Here are a few pictures of the quilt. It is quite similar to the last one, minus a different fabric that was used.

And I figured while I had a small amount of time yesterday, I decided to cut out the templates for those Owl Pincushions which are on my Library Project list. I started sewing it together yesterday. Then I left that to finish my Monkey baby quilt. This morning, I went back to it since I wanted to finish the poor little guy instead of leaving it as WIP. So here are the results of that.

So I had two of these on my list and after doing just this one, I'm going to change it to only one. I didn't have yarn so I used a few pieces of batting instead. He is a cutie but it was a bit of a process to make him. I think I'll make more pincushions but I don't think I'll make an Owl one again. He's more cute than he is functional :) So I'll probably keep him handy for motivation :)

So I'm not sure what is going to be my next project. I may possibly start making some of the quilts needed for Christmas orders. I really don't want to get behind for those. And ironically one of those quilts will have owls on it :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!


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  1. Awesome finish! Love your little owl pincushion. very cute!