Finished Quilting Projects

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Book Score!

So it's been a few busy days between work and sewing. I have the center finished for my Whispering Lake quilt :)

Just loving how it all came together. I'll definitely be making another one of these quilts. And purple is my favourite colour. I'll be picking out a purple border and hopefully I'll be able to have this quilt top finished up by the weekend. 

So on to my book score today. I was looking on an online yard sale site and seen someone had an ad for some craft/hobby books. I picked up 6 books for $5 each! It was a fantastic deal :) I am so excited to go through these books. I love having quilting and sewing books among many others. So here are the books I bought :)

Sugar Sack Quilts - I just love the cover of this book!

 Sew Fabulous Fabric - having fabric in the name title made me want it.

Fast Fabric Gifts - always good to have around is small gifts for that last minute event you get invited to.

A Is For Apron - Aprons are just so cute!

Pretty Little Cozies - Love the cover page! And I really wanted to make some cozies for my teapots :)

Pretty Little Pincushions - who doesn't love a pincushion!

So I'm pretty excited that I have reading material for a while. I can't wait to go through all these books and start making some projects from them. It was a little bit of splurge today but I couldn't resist because of the price. I am such an addict to quilting books/magazines!

Any books you couldn't live without in your library?


  1. Love your finished top... the colours are great! You went wild with the new books, but with a deal like that, how couldn't you? As for the book I can't live without in my library, it would probably be Modern Block Party. I've made more from that book that from any other I've added lately!

    1. Thanks :) I'll have to check out that book. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Score on the books! What can't I live without in my library - all of them! I LOVE books! your whispering quilt is just gorgeous! Love the colors

  3. What a great deal on the books. I have so many books but I seem to be moving away from them lately. I find so much online these days. But they are fun to go through from time to time. Your Whispering Lake quilt is fabulous! Gorgeous colours.