Finished Quilting Projects

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Whispering Lake

It was a busy week, but it was a good quilting weekend :) I finished quilting Whispering Lake. I just  need to add the binding now. I was hoping to have it finished by this weekend but that goal was pushed back when my work week turned into a busy one. So here are some pictures of Whispering Lake:

I really love how this one is coming together. I just love it! I'm going to use this fabric for the binding. It's called Ellie's Emporium by Sue Penn for Fine Lines. It's a bit bold but so is this quilt. So I figured this would work out perfectly for the binding and I'll still have about half a meter left. I want to use this in a baby quilt sometime.

So it was a pretty great weekend. I'm going to attempt to do a little side project. I would like to make this Travel Wallet in the next week or so. I'll probably change mine up a bit since I would rather have a zippered pocket to put my passport in. I'm hoping that it will turn out alright to be able to give this to a really good friend who is traveling to Paris at the end of the month.

Have you ever made a Travel Wallet/Passport Holder? Were you happy with the result?


  1. Whispering Lake is coming along nicely... you'll have to show us some close up shots of your quilting one of these days! :) And I've pinned that travel wallet... I made one a while back but it was nowhere near as fancy as that one! It's functional though and small enough not to be cumbersome when traveling.

  2. Looks great. You're almost done! I have never made a travel wallet, but I think Jeanette has if you're looking for suggestions.