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Saturday, 20 September 2014

September Library Project Report

My furnace turned on this morning so I guess I can officially say it's Fall. I really don't mind Fall but I wish we would have had a better summer. Always hope for next year....and a trip down south to make up for it :)

Since my last report, I have completed a few projects. First up is the cute Charm Square quilt that came as a surprise. I noticed I had enough 5" squares cut after cutting my pieces for my Whispering Lake quilt, to make the Charm Square quilt. So I figured why not do it.

It is quite adorable and makes a quick baby shower gift. Next up was my Whispering Lake quilt. I just finished this one this week. I absolutely love this quilt and the recipient loves it as well.

I just finished up making the Travel Wallet that I posted about here. I was sewing late last night finishing it up. This was a bit difficult for me since the pattern was in metric. Also there are a few a things that I would do differently if I make another one again. You live you learn. I learned lots with this project. Putting on press buttons and vinyl. I do like it but would like to make a better one someday.

 Fabric showing off the vinyl pocket. I really like the effect of using vinyl. Definitely will incorporate in another project.

Not too shabby. I've never tried to make something like this before. It does give me confidence to try to make a purse now. I have so many books with bags in them....maybe the Library Project 2015 ;)
So the month of September proved to be quite productive for me. Hope October shows the same kind of productivity!

Linking up with Adrienne @ Chezzetcook Modern Quilts. Go check out the progress of other members who have teamed up with the Library Project.

Happy Saturday :)



  1. The wallet turned out great!

  2. you are so busy! Love the baby quilt you ended up with. What a great use of those scraps. and the wallet - fabulous. Time for a purse!

  3. Don't you just love it when you have enough scraps to make a second, useful project?

    I've fallen in love with using vinyl in pouches lately too! I thought it would be way trickier to work with, but it wasn't too tough at all!