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Saturday, 11 October 2014

So Close To The Finish Line!

Well the quilting is finished on the Vroom, Vroom quilt. I am quite pleased at how well the quilting went on this project. A few puckers here and there but the overall quilting is good. This quilt really took me longer than it should have to quilt it but my motivation just wasn't there. Wanting to have it complete is what kept me going!

I did a lot of straight line quilting on this one. I followed the lines on the border fabric since I couldn't really figure out another way to quilt this part without taking away from all the mechanic/garage items. Since this quilt is so busy, I decided to go with Kona Black solid fabric for the binding. I'm hoping to have that on by tomorrow which would make it finished!

I also whipped up a flannel pillowcase according to a pattern found on a blog by Dana called MADE. The pattern was quick and easy. It was a little more difficult for me to cut the piece of fabric since I didn't have 60" width Flannel. So comfy!

My first pillowcase! I know it's something easy, I've just never made one before. I may have to make a few more before winter comes.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend :)

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