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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Stash Shopping in Maine and Chirp Quilt

Well I went on my little weekend getaway to Maine. I had a great time on the bus tour and was able to do a bit of shopping. I did however catch a sinus cold while in Maine. So I've been feeling quite under the weather since Sunday evening. I'm finally starting to feel on the mend tonight. Here are some of the great finds I found in Maine. I'm already planning another trip....better save up :)

These are my purchases from Marden's. I only had 45 mins here since the bus stopped here so I didn't get to pick up as much as I would have liked. But I did find some great deals! I just love the purple circles on the white background.

Next up was the Hobby Lobby. I absolutely loved this store! The staff there were just incredible. And the deals were amazing. I picked up some quilting books on clearance for less than $10 which were originally over $25! I highly recommend going into the Hobby Lobby if you're ever in Bangor, Maine.

Just love the giraffe print! And the butterflies! I was so into a green, grey and black mood :) And the owls print is gorgeous!

My next shop was Jo-Ann's. Great deals on fabric. The staff that was working that night didn't seem happy to have customers. And seemed even less happy when I took all my bolts to be cut. Even though the mood was unhappy due to the staff, finding great deals on the fabric still made me incredibly happy :)

Such pretty fabric. I bought two of the purple Owl panel because they were only $2. Can you believe it?! And for all the fabric which is around 1 yard each or a bit more came up to $43.18. My total savings on the receipt was $42.31. There were lots of other things that I wanted to purchase but I only had my suitcase to fill with my purchases.

Also wanted to share a finish quilt top. The Chirp quilt top is complete. I'm really liking the quilt top. It was a fun experience since nothing was really thought about. I know the rows with birds were all measured to be 4.5" in width and the pink rows were 2.5" in width. And then everything else was just sewed together and then cut straight. Add a few long pieces to the top and bottom and then a border. Now it's complete.

So now I just need to pick out a backing and start quilting it. Since this quilt is for a 2 year old, I think I'm just going to do some straight line quilting since this quilt will probably see a few washes. Hopefully I'll feel better this weekend and possibly finish this quilt.

Hope your week has been a healthy, productive one unlike mine but I'm hoping for a good weekend :)


  1. So many treasures in those fabric piles! I always make it a point to hit a few Marden's when I go to Maine. They're sketchy as hell, but there's good stuff to be found in the fabric department!

  2. Being from Maine, I can tell you the staff at Joann's is almost always grouchy!

  3. Can't wait to see what you make from all your new purchases.