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Sunday, 19 October 2014

The October Library Project Edition

Well it has been an interesting month. The weather has been gorgeous for October. So thrilled about that! Now to the library project list....well I have not completed anything off the list this month but I have done some projects. First off, I started and finished my Vroom, Vroom quilt.

I also decided to start doing some Maple Leaf blocks every once in a while. My hope is to make one at least every month and then in the next year, I will hopefully have blocks to whip up a Maple Leaf quilt. Here's my first Maple Leaf :)

I also just finished up this gorgeous Tahoe Tote bag. I absolutely love it! You can see more pictures of this bag here.

Don't you just love that butterfly print! Here's a peek inside.

I love the gray print for the lining. It's a text print called Rosie's Love Letters. I just put my rotary cutter in there to show the pockets and how sturdy this bag is. Absolutely love it! It'll be coming with me on my trip to Maine next week :) Oh the fabric stores!

So as the year is winding down for The Library Project, I am beginning to realize that it is ok to change what you want to make. I will most likely not complete all the projects on my list but I know I definitely did a lot more projects this year than I ever thought possible. I went out of my comfort zone and tried....sometimes kicking and screaming but I did it!

Maybe November will motivate me to knock something else off my TLP list. I'm linking up over at Adrienne's blog Chezzetcook Modern Quilts for the October TLP wrap-up. Have a visit and see what the other members of The Library Project are up to :)


  1. It's not always about doing what's on the list, but actually getting things done. So if you tried new things and make other things, success. Be careful if you bring that bag to a sew might accidently come home with me.

  2. I definitely changed my projects from when TLP started. Nothing wrong with that! And you've still got two months... who knows what you can get done in that amount of time?! :)