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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Every Good Thing Must Come to an End....

I have just returned from my sewing vacation....and what a beautiful time it was! So many exciting events happened. First and foremost, there was lots and lots of sewing....and lots of fabric shopping. I'm going to be posting the stash purchases over the next month. There is just too much fabric and I will become overwhelmed if I try to do it all in one's a shot of my new additions :)

I may have went a bit overboard on the purchasing of fabric....And believe it or not, there's actually some fabric missing. I bought some fat quarters to use for some projects that I was working on in the past week. So come back tomorrow for a Stash Sunday post ;)

I love going away for this sewing vacation. I always pack way too much but I don't like to not have enough projects to do. Or if I'm missing a notion that I need or would like to use. Maybe next year, I can be a bit more organized....I didn't have a chance to really think about what to take for the week since work was a bit busier than normal for me.

Here's a few shots from the week:

The kitchen table is a sewing center.

The cutting and ironing space.

My mom worked on a Swedish Weave project for the first part of the week.

My sister worked on a few WIPs.

Christmas Wall Hanging

Her first quilt. The quilt top was completed last summer on our sewing vacation.

So happy that she was able to finish her first quilt on this trip! It is beautiful!

I worked on assembling some blocks, finishing a few Mystery Blocks, a name tag and making a new handbag.

I had 33 blocks for a Whispering Lake quilt in my WIPs pile so I decided to try to make the other 67 blocks during the week. I packed purple, blue and green fat quarters from my stash to cut and sew to make those 67 blocks. Happy to say I have 100 blocks to make a future quilt top :)

I love purple ;)

Look at that stack!

Between making those blocks, I switched gears and worked on my Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block #9.
The beginning....

And the end....

Next was a name tag for my guild meeting. 
 I don't remember the last time I embroidered. It wasn't too shabby.

I also put a zipper in mine so I could store my MMQG member card and a little bit of fabric shopping money ;)

Next was my Mystery Block #10....

So many 2" squares!

Mystery Block #10 - Check!

On Thursday, we traveled to Halifax for my guild meeting. It was my very first meeting. Sadly living over 3 hours away doesn't allow me to go to meetings :( But when I found out that the Maritime Modern Quilting Guild meeting was going to be the same week that I was away in Wolfville, I couldn't resist the opportunity to go! Check out all the awesome fun that we had on the MMQG blog. If you're ever interested in attending a meeting, contact the guild. I can promise you, you won't be disappointed!
I also received my pillow cover from the swap that we did with the Edmonton Modern Quilting Guild.

When I opened the bag, I knew my hubby would love it! Beautiful fabrics! I haven't had a chance to buy a pillow for it would think I would have with all the shopping I did this week!

After having lots of laughs and more than enough sewing motivation at the meeting, when I returned to the cottage I started working on the Riviera Handbag by Pink Sand Beach Designs.

The Exterior Pocket

The Exterior Piece

The Inside Lining.

And the Finish :)

I absolutely love this bag! Definitely a favourite! And the pattern was great! Two thumbs up for the pattern :)

Well it was an excellent week that went by way too fast! I hope you all had a great quilty week!



  1. Great fabric for that bag! Love it. Cool that you did a swap with the Edmonton guild--I was born and raised there. :-) You sound like me: I always pack too many projects, but yep, I'd rather have too many than run out. Fabric shopping is always a massage for the soul, wink.

  2. Wow! What an awesome time you ladies had! Jillian's quilt came out beautifully! Make sure you encourage her to put a nice label on the back! So glad you finally made the opportunity to attend a guild meeting. I'm going to hop right over the the guild's blog and check out the fun you had! XO

  3. Wow...I'm tired just reading about all the sewing you did. LOL Your mystery blocks look great. It was so nice that you made it to the meeting -- so good to see you.