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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Embroidery....a new obsession

So I am away visiting family for a few days and I decided that I wanted to visit one of the sewing spots near where my family lives. So off me and my mom went to see this sewing shop. Beautiful spot and I had an opportunity to use Husqvarna's Platinum 16 long arm quilter. It was quite wonderful since I've never had an opportunity to use one before. I did like it but I also checked out the Embroidery machines as well. The Husqvarna's Topaz 20, I have seen in action since a family member has showed me how hers worked over Christmas. And by being at this store, the owner showed me a lot more that can be done with the embroidery machine that I didn't even know was possible. I am extremely considering this machine to be a future purchase.

On another note, I was reading a post over on Chezzetcook Modern Quilts and Adrienne was talking about going through her scraps and cutting up useable pieces out of them. I have this system in place, where I cut my scraps as I'm cutting up pieces for a quilt. They are pieces for Crazy Quilts, 2" squares, 2-1/2" squares, 5" squares, red and cream colour prints for a Galaxy Quilt. Plus one basket for larger size prints that could go back into my stash that are smaller than half a meter. Here's how my cutting area looks.

I have some organizing left to do on my other space in this room where my sewing machine and ironing board are located. I also may purchase a smaller ironing board in the future that will take up less space for when I'm just ironing small pieces for my quilt tops.

This hobby has become quite an addiction. I'll be putting my change away to purchase an embroidery machine in the future :)

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