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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Star Quilt Finish and Exciting News!

Well I didn't sew much last week since I hurt my back so I stayed out of my sewing room for a whole 4 days! That's pretty difficult for me. Sunday was the day that I returned to my sewing room. I finished quilting the Star Quilt. Around the border, I did some FMQ by using a stencil for this pattern. I really enjoyed it and I love how it turned out.

And the quilting on the back looks even better!

Then I picked out some fabric for the binding and sewed it on to the quilt the following day.

And my label (2 used out of 100)

Sorry for all the indoor pictures but we experienced so much stormy, windy weather that outdoor pictures haven't been possible lately. I'm hoping to get some nice ones with all this fresh snow that we have down. In the mean time, here's some indoor pictures :)

So this quilt is being donated to the Relay for Life in Richmond county, my hometown. They will be selling tickets on this so I hope they can fundraise a lot of money for the Relay for Life.

Speaking of fundraisers. Remember this Winnie The Pooh quilt I made for Nadia.

Well the auction was held this weekend, and it sold for $180! I couldn't believe it! There was a bidding war between two bidders. I am so happy that this little quilt took in so much money for Nadia. The whole fundraiser was a success! Just wanted to share some happy news :)


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  1. Beautiful quilts, Julia. You're kind and generous to donate them. Not surprised to hear how much Nadia's quilt raised. Don't envy you all the snow that you folks have been getting - enough is enough. :)

  2. Love the colour palette for your stars! And I'm so glad to hear that your Winne the Pooh quilt got caught in a bidding war. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!