Finished Quilting Projects

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Stormy Days = Finished Projects

So I cleaned up my sewing room a bit during the last stormy days. And with all the scraps of batting and scraps of fabrics that aren't useable, I finally made something for one of my biggest fans :)

I think it's safe to say he likes it :)

And I just finished Teal The Elephant quilt! So excited! I would have finished last evening but I ran out of thread for the binding. So I had a chance to pick some up today to finish this baby :)

I'm trying to get the best lighting I can. I can't wait until spring is here!

And a picture of the backing.

Here's a few more pictures :)

I will try to get the tutorial done on this one in the next couple of weeks if anyone is interested in the pattern ;)


  1. Love it all. Your furry nephew Max needs a bed too lol His Mommy does not have enough scraps :)

  2. Your elephant quilt is beautiful! Well done!

  3. Awesome. It turned out great.

  4. Absolutely adorable, Julia! A tutorial would be a grand idea. Your collie is such a pretty dog. Don't see too many!