Finished Quilting Projects

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pouch and a Pillow Cover

After being so disappointed with the last pouch, I decided to use another pattern. I started cutting the pieces for this little gem last night. I used the pattern from one of my books called Sewing To Sell by Virginia Lindsay. This pattern was much better! And the lining is finished in the inside. My mental stability has returned!

I thought I had taken some pictures of progress but I guess I was so excited that I forgot. So here's the finished product.

Love this cute little pouch. I think I'll make a few more. Love the butterflies!

So I started another project after this one. Here's the layout, minus one square....

This is another pattern from my Pillow Pop book called "A Bunch of Crosses". Definitely having some fun with these pillow covers :)


  1. Pouches can be difficult. Glad you found a pattern you can work with. It's adorable! Love your quilt and how the pink just pops!

  2. I like that pouch. Good job. And another great pillow.

  3. Love your new pouch - that butterfly fabric is gorgeous!